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27th June 2014

Why Are Mike Tyson's Former Sparring Partner Joe Egan, Ex-Gangster Dave Courtney And Football Hooligan Turned Author Cass Pennant Coming To Cambridge?


Written by GARETH MCPHERSON (Cambridge News)

Some of the toughest men in the country will be in Cambridge tomorrow night.

Friend of the Krays and ex-gangster Dave Courtney, Mike Tysonís former sparring partner Joe Egan and Cass Pennant, a football hooligan turned author are all in town.

But there will be no trouble Ė the trio are at Chesterton Working Menís Club (172 High St, Chesterton, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB4 1NS) to raise money for a little girl with achondroplasia, which is also known as short limb dwarfism.

The night will help fund equipment for 2-year-old Rosie Reed, who lives in East Chesterton, to help ease the extra physical demands her condition places on her.

Tickets cost £20 and the evening will include talks, Q&A session, photo opportunities, raffle and auction.

Call Highfield Entertainment on 01223 311 466 or by emailing info@highfieldmanagment.com .

Doors open from 6pm and the event starts at 7.30pm.

20th March 2014

Dave Courtney (The Krays) gives an unforgettable performance as Dave Bishop, one of the most murderous gangsters ever depicted on film, in this bloody crime epic.

Through flashbacks, Full English Breakfast follows the violent career of a small-time London villain who kills his way to the top of Britain's drugs empire.

Now happily 'retired' on the Kent coast Dave becomes embroiled in a bloody battle of wits with Al Qaeda terrorists who want to take over his criminal empire. Adding to the old mobster's woes is his younger trophy wife (Lucy Drive - Vendetta) wanting to play away with his new driver (Jamie Bannerman).

With its intense screenplay, stunning cinematography, and superb insights into Britain's gangster lifestyles, Full English Breakfast joins the ranks of the UK's greatest underworld dramas, as it lays bare the sordid power of the British ecstasy scene.

Also featuring an all-star supporting cast including Jerry Anderson (Skin Traffik), Richard Angol (Kidulthood) and introducing Nigel St Lewis (World Natural Bodybuilding Champion) and Sukhraj Singh (VIP Lounge).

10th June 2013



Saturday 15th June 2013

Phone 07411 504003 for details and tickets

Promises to be an exciting evening with plenty of fights on the card.

Dave and I hope to see all of you there.

1st June 2013

23rd May 2013

David Pinto and his accomplice Robert Bleach were each sentenced to life for the execution Dave's step-son Genson. They were sentenced using a videolink because of fears of disturbances involving Pinto and members of his family in the public gallery. Judge Wendy Joseph said they must serve a minimum term of 31 years. She said: "The gun was put to his head and he was effectively executed."


Dave remarked: "I always had faith in the Great British Justice System!"

20th May 2013


Dave has been contacted by Old Bill regarding David Pinto's sentencing on Thursday. The Police, avid readers of this page, advised him that the public gallery was likely to be closed for the sentencing because of "disturbances" at the last appearance, where Pinto and Bleach were found guilty of the cold-blooded execution of drug dealer Genson Courtney. My understanding is that DC has been told not to attend the court and I have been asked to retract the invitation to Dave's supporters to attend.

17th May 2013

Well, the murderers of Genson Courtney were finally found guilty of his execution today. Genson's uncle David Pinto and his accomplice Robert Bleach executed Dave's step-son in cold blood on 3rd July 2011, according to the verdict of the jury. It found that Pinto had shot his nephew Genson through the eye at point blank range over a matter of money and trust and that Bleach drove the getaway car.


It was never reported on this website at the time (for obvious reasons) but Dave had said it was Genson's uncle who had murdered him from Day One. Genson, said to be a drug dealer who had two prison sentences behind him (including 6 years for rape), appears to have been threatening his uncle over £1,100 he said he was owed. Who said that the bonds of  blood was stronger than money?


The pair will be sentenced on Thursday 23rd May at the Old Bailey and will likely be going down for a fair old while.


Dave will be at the Old Bailey to see the sentencing and would like to invite all his loyal friends to join him. So, if you would like to accompany Dave to the sentencing please be at the Old Bailey PROMPTLY at 8:30 in the morning on Thursday 23rd May 2013 ... suitably suited and booted.


Oh ... and there will be a party at Dave's Camelot Castle on Thursday night for all those loyal souls who accompanied him to the sentencing.


So, where are YOU going to be next Thursday?

15th May 2013

10th March 2013

Dave's next show: "The Venue", Hitchin, SG5 1LL

Call Darren on 07591 811863 for ticket info.

27th February 2013

Dave enjoyed a visit to Andy Topliffe's B-BAD 3 at the weekend


25th September 2012

Just to update you, David Pinto and Robert Bleach were remanded in custody and are due to appear at the Old Bailey today, charged with the murder of Genson Courtney. More news as soon as I get it.

22nd September 2012

Fourteen months after Dave's step-son, Genson Courtney, was found shot to death in his car, two men are appearing today in Bromley Magistrates Court charged with his murder. They are David Pinto, Jen Courtney's own brother, and Robert Bleach.

I was lucky enough to know Genson Courtney from when he was a young boy. Always quiet, always polite and courteous, it was a dark day when he was shot to death in his car last year.

Now, perhaps, justice will be done!

29th August 2012




16th August 2012


Official Trailer

A Match, a Firm, a Heist and the Mother of all Battles!

Infamous London gangster cousins, Micky Mannock and Ray Collishaw, are at the top of the food chain, when their world is turned upside down as they lose a shipment of the Russian Mafia's cocaine in rough seas. Set in London, Amsterdam and Berlin, the story races across Europe at breakneck speed as Micky and Ray attempt to stay one step ahead of the Police. Can they pull off a daring diamond heist in time to put things right and retire to a "legitimate" way of life.

STARRING: Charles Dance, Vincent Regan, Dexter Fletcher, Craig Fairbrass, Keeley Hazell, Sean Pertwee, Nick Moran, Ashley Walters, Neil Maskell, Luke Treadaway and Jamie Foreman.

RELEASE DATE: 7 September 2012

9th August 2012


Exclusive Teaser Trailer 2!

A Firm, a match, a heist. Blood will be spilt on St George's Day

St Georgeís Day is a British crime thriller with a huge English hooligan super firm who play Germany on St Georgeís Day.

Starring Frank Harper, Craig Fairbrass, Charles Dance, Vincent Regan, Neil Maskell, Ashley Walters and Tony Denham

Released in Cinemas on September 7th

3rd August 2012


A Match, a Firm, a Heist and the Mother of all Battles!

Infamous London gangster cousins, Micky Mannock and Ray Collishaw, are at the top of the food chain, when their world is turned upside down as they lose a shipment of the Russian Mafia's cocaine in rough seas. Set in London, Amsterdam and Berlin, the story races across Europe at breakneck speed as Micky and Ray attempt to stay one step ahead of the Police. Can they pull off a daring diamond heist in time to put things right and retire to a "legitimate" way of life.

STARRING: Charles Dance, Vincent Regan, Dexter Fletcher, Craig Fairbrass, Keeley Hazell, Sean Pertwee, Nick Moran, Ashley Walters, Neil Maskell, Luke Treadaway and Jamie Foreman.

RELEASE DATE: 7 September 2012

24th April 2012

Crown and Cushion
4 Weyhill
GU27 1BX

Doors open at 7pm with Dave at 8pm. Tickets on the door at £10 each.

10th March 2012

25th February 2012

1st January 2012

16th December 2011

Dave is out of prison today ... just in time for Christmas. He's got a lot to catch up with, so I'll be bringing you his stories just as soon as I can.

10th November 2011

As you all probably know by now, Dave is serving a little time at Her Maj's pleasure. If you'd like to help cheer him up you can write to him at the following address:


A3802CH Dave Courtney
HMP Highpoint

16th September 2011

Wanna see Dave  on stage with Cass Pennant and Carlton Leach? Well, now's your chance. For the first time you can see all three on the stage at the same show. On 2nd October 2011 they're at:


The Vault
3 Walsall Rd
WS10 9JP

Never done before, only at The Vault Bar Live! Ticket Only Event: £35.00 each. Black Tie Event. NO DOOR PAYMENTS. Contact John for details on 07557 261067


14th September 2011

Dave will be going to watch Joe Longthorne at the Leicester Square theatre at 7.30 pm on Sunday 18th Septemeber. Box office number is 08448 733433.

15th August 2011

OK, here's some Facebook Links for you to LIKE!


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So, what are you waiting for? Go and LIKE them people.

4th July 2011


GENSON COURTNEYWe are all devastated by the news that Genson Courtney was shot and killed in Greenwich yesterday evening as he sat in his car. Genson was a smashing lad who was always more concerned that his friends were alright, rather than himself.


He was Jen's son and Dave's step-son, although Dave raised him as his own and never thought of him as anything other than as one of his own children.


I watched Genson grow over the years from a quiet boy into a confident and caring 23 year old man and was always very proud to know him.


Dave and Jen are obviously deeply distraught at this sad and sudden loss, but Dave has said: "If anyone needed an advert to say crime doesn't pay then let Genson be that advert."


The Police are following several lines of enquiry as to the identity of Genson's assasin. I'll write more when I have it.



8th June 2011




You will be pleased to know that they dropped the charges on Jen today.

Thatís ĎNo further actioní. We went to Plumstead Police station at the said time and there were a couple of snappers there and a film crew. They asked a few questions and we went in. The desk sergeant said that the CID officer had just stuck his head round the door to see if Jen was in yet, and that she would go and tell him that Jen was now in.

They were all curious about the filming and what it was and when it was going to be shown. One officer took offence to being filmed by the camera crew and photographers and left not in the very best of moods. Bless him! Anyway, the desk sergeant came back and said the officer was not in the building? Odd i thought? So whoís head popped round the door looking for Jen I wonder.

So we left and when we went back he had just left a note on the front desk telling Jen it had been dropped and that she could not have the guns back.

Jen asked about all the other stuff and the other guns they took and didnít charge us with, she just said, he said nothing to be collected or returned. I donít think she was fussed about it judging by the smile on her face.

I canít help wondering if all the press outside showing interest in what was being done to Jenny had any influence on the result she got today, or was it just the CPS doing their job properly? But whatever it was, thank fuck for it. It all goes a long way when you have a heavyweight solicitor walk in with you to the station and Jen had a fucking heavyweight on her side; his name is Stuart Paige from Rali and Co. solicitors. Heís the Jessie James of the court room and I think heís the bollox. Heís been my brief for a good few years now and heís never failed to produce the goods on the day. Heís won every fucking thing heís been involved with so far for me and all mine. Stuart I Salute you.

I donít for one minute believe they have stopped all this deliberate hastle they keep hitting me with and nor does Jenny or my brief. So until the next thing comes up itís all smiles and hard ons in the Courtney camp.


24th May 2011


A letter from Dave to the detectives who are investigating the man who arranged his film deal :


13 May 2011
Dave Courtney OBE
Camelot Castle
Chestnut Rise
SE18 1RL

To Mr. DC Jenkins or Detective Knowles

My name is Dave Courtney OBE and I understand that you are the men in charge in the investigation concerning Mr. Peter ******* who was arrested along with his lady on the 7th April 2011.

I understand also that my name came up quite a lot during his interview and also his wife's, and I would like to offer you any assistance whatsoever in helping to clear all this mess up. My address is as above and my phone number is 07********, and I am more than willing to be interviewed at any time or place necessary to speed proceedings along, as I do feel somewhat responsible in a bizzare kind of way of contributing to his present dilemma, purely by my association with him.

All be it's just a film project we were about to embark on in America, which due to your investigations and it's uncanny timing, has been well and truly put on hold.

I fear that due to a newspaper article in a Sunday paper which appeared a few weeks ago stating that I was off to Hollywood and had secured a 3 film 15 million pound deal.

That a strange succession of events have took place, starting with Mr. ********Ďs arrest and his assets frozen, which of course affects my film deal personally, for obvious reasons, next my own wife was arrested on firearms charges, involving a 2 year old charge in which I was found not guilty of, but has somehow been twisted into a charge against her, for which she is presently on bail for, (but by arresting her for this offence it has stopped her getting her visa for America). Surprise Surprise.

Next I have had an onslaught of tax men, bailifs, bankruptcy people, Customs & Excise people, county court officers, all claiming it's just a coincidence that they have all decided to drop on me in the same week, and I'm sure that you're thinking "What the f--k has all that got to do with you?" Well I know you ain't got no personal grievance against myself and are just doing your job. Doing what your told to do and to the best of your ability and I take my hat off to you. You are doing a very good job sir. But I'm afraid that you are unknowingly just taking part in a much bigger plan by the brass upstairs which they have in mind for me.

If the investigation on Mr. ********* is not a part of this very vindictive and well orchestrated onslaught on myself and my family, who are all paying very dearly because of this, why on earth was he questioned about me in such depth? I'm sure the officer in charge of my wife's case is also not fully aware of what his little part is in this attack on me and my family is about. But he must be scratching his head wondering why they have just decided to take the actions they have on a 2 year old case, at this precise moment in time?

Iíll try not to harp on anymore. Ha ha ha. (as if I ain't already). Sorry about that.

But you gotta hear me when I say it's got me proper puzzled and worried what they are gonna throw at me next, so please forgive me for that little rant, but I just didn't want my door kicked in again when you feel itís time you need to talk to me. (which obviously you must want to do at some time by the interest you showed in the interview you done with Peter ******* and his wife). I'll come willingly wherever and whenever you require me.

It might be of help for you to know that I am at present under full investigation by CIB3 on an intelligence gathering operation on myself & my associates. That does (luckily for you) include a permanent unmanned video camera opposite my home filming me 24/7, and I can only assume the house and phone are live as well. So they might have some information you may need to help you in your investigations.

Their address is CIB3, Jubilee House, Jubilee Way, Putney Bridge Road.

Anything else I can assist you with please donít hesitate to ask.

I'm only here to please.


Dave Courtney OBE

20th May 2011


The following is a letter written by Dave's wife Jen to the police at Plumstead:


Dear Sir,

I am writing to let you know that the solicitor did get in touch with me and informed me that I am to attend the police station where I'm to be interviewed over firearms. I am assuming they are the same bits and pieces that you still have since Dave got 6months in prison for some broken old air guns.

I would like you to know that I don't think its a coincidence, that since the story came out in the Sunday People, saying that Dave & Family were off to Hollywood, that I myself am now on the way to being charged for something absurd, and that the man and his wife who were intending to look after the financial side of the film project, has been arrested for money laundering and his accounts frozen. SURPRISE! SURPRISE!

You didn't even have the decency to call me and tell me personally, you rang my solicitor to tell me! How did you know I wanted that solicitor

It's all very strange how you go about things where me and Dave are concerned.

Your not happy with destroying my business and losing me my home or locking up my man for half a year for absolutely nothing. This can't be right what you do to us and get away with. It's nothing short of vindictive and spiteful and has to stop somewhere. Why can't you just leave us alone now? I know you lot won't.

I've tried several times by phone and registered mail, whilst Dave was in custody and consistently over the last year, but me or my solicitor got no reply. Why now?

Have I now got to use the solicitor you rang to contact me or can I bring one of my own choice?

I will be filing a complaint over what you are doing and intend to make very public how you treat us.

12th May 2011


Well, they are certainly pulling out ALL the stops this time to screw Dave's future up. If you remember, they nicked seven months of his life ... during which time his livelihood was put in limbo, which in turn meant that his mortgage wasn't being paid. Well now they have given him SEVEN DAYS to come up with twenty five grand arrears or get out! Now you might begin to understand why the entrepreneur had his bank accounts frozen just as he was poised to help Dave clear the arrears!


As well as that the taxman and bankruptcy people have descended on him and Jen has been bailed until 8th June ... although we still don't know exactly what firearms Old Bill are considering, but we assume that they're the same ones that DC got a "Not Guilty" for.


I have been close friends with Dave for over ten years now and I have witnessed so many attempts to undermine his career, but this appears to be a concerted effort by ALL the authorities using every dirty trick in the book! I can truly say that I have never heard him so downbeat about his situation. Dave's final words to me today were "Short of someone coming up with the £25k, I'll need all the help I can get to help me pack up and move out of Camelot Castle. So if anyone out there has tea-chests, packing boxes, a removals van or lorry or a couple of days to help me please contact me via Mal."

10th May 2011

I have received a copy of Jen's bail conditions:


4th May 2011


It was just a matter of time before the authorities pulled some stroke or other to upset Dave's plans to leave for America to make films. Today they made their move:

  • Today Old Bill arrested Dave's wife, Jen, on firearm charges and she is currently being held in Plumstead nick. This is exactly the same tactic they used on Dave and had him put on remand for seven months while he awaited trial ... a trial at which everyone (including the police) knew he would get NOT GUILTY! All the same, they managed to steal seven months of his life. Being held on this charge means that there is no way the United States will allow her to have a visa!

  • The respectable English businessman who arranged and secured the film deals for Dave in America and has been financing his move has also been leaned on by the "Dark Forces". I think we all know how the funny handshake brigade works, eh? It seems that they will go to any lengths to "interfere" with Dave's career!

Well, there you have it. That's all I know at the moment, but watch this space for the next piece of breaking news just as soon as I get it ...

11th April 2011

Dave was in The Mirror yesterday:

More on this story very soon!

6th April 2011

Our good friend, Jason Marriner, has been moved from the Scrubs. If you'd like to write to him please include a stamped addressed envelope and send to:


Jason Marriner
HMP Highpoint

23rd March 2011

IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR THOSE IN THE KNOW: At a meeting held this afternoon in Cardiff it was decided to reintegrate The Welsh Firm with The Firm. Dave had the full support of all members of The Welsh Firm who attended and everyone I spoke to at the meeting said that they were more than satisfied with the change. Other members who were unable to attend reported that they were very happy at the move to completely unify The Firm. Further information will be published soon.

21st March 2011

Good luck to our very good friend Jason Marriner, who is being sentenced on Friday.

6th March 2011

It is with great sadness that Dave and I learned of the sudden and untimely passing of Halifax Dave Saville's 19 year old daughter, Lisa Saville. Our thoughts are with you, your family and friends at this time of great sorrow.


4th March 2011

Faction G - Ya names not down (The Bouncer) *OFFICIAL VIDEO*


CLICK HERE for all the Older Front Page News


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