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 Stop the Ride, I Want to Get Off   Dave Courtney

  T J Burchell

  7 February, 2002
This book is the most compelling true crime book ever written. Once started, it cannot be put down. It will take you on a roller coaster ride of laughs and violence, exposing the mind of the sharpest villain (ex) Scotland yard has ever has the pleasure of meeting! Dave Courtney, truly tells it like it is - and he is a very nice, flash man!


  29 January, 2002
This is possibly one of the best biographies i have ever read. Dave really puts and emphasis on the fakes and how his view on crime. The stories he tells from his past are just magic. He makes you feel like you where there that one time he let the animals out the zoo, and came out of court confessing to murder. Dave is a true writer and comic genius. this book is truly fantastic and one you could read in a day its that hard to put down.


  29 January, 2002
Dave coudtney let every one into his own world and lets you know what living the life as a gangsta is really like, but he also shows a softer side to himself, something that is not usually seen, this guy loves his wife and kids a hell of alot and that comes across brilliantly in this book. He knows who to trust and who not to. A brilliant read for any one who wants to know the real dave courtney. big up the man.


  27 November, 2001
Have read the book and thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially when Dave mentions the younger days. The way he talks about life in Forest Hill/Sydenham/Crystal Palace is just right and brought back a lot of good memories for me. It was great reading a book about his life and remembering the good old days in South London - he's a great story teller and it brought home the truth about what life was really like back then. Yeah, Dave was a bad boy but also very funny - a great laugh. I knew Dave when I was aged 18 to 24. I was engaged to Terry Robinson, whom I later married (Dave's best mate Colin's brother). Dave mentions Colin Robinson in his book "Stop the Ride I want to get off". Dave came to my engagement party and I have a couple of great photos of Dave from that party. Dave really tells it like it is although I didn't know about the real violent part - only knew that Dave was a real bad boy. What anyone thinks of him now, all I can say is that he made a very 40ish year old very happy going back in time reading this book, it really was like he says it was. I must buy his other books (didn't know about them) and real soon.

Great reading Dave and all the best.


  19 July, 2001
This is an easy to read book taking you on a journey showing the egotistical side of a self proclaimed 'hard-mans' life. This book allows you to not only learn about South East Londons criminal underbelly, but allows you the chance to examine the authors' mind and thinking. Anyone who is interested in true crime, how 'real' criminals think, or just enjoy reading a book which brings to life dark elements of our society, then this is for you. Once you start reading you will not put this fast flowing and interesting book down.


  22 June, 2001
This book not only gives Courtney's perspective of life in London, but shows how he DEALS with everyday Gangster problems which may arise in the field. Filled with humor, action packed 'real-life' adventures and of course the somewhat idiotic antics of one of the world best known Criminals... Well worth the read !!!


  16 June, 2001
Having just finished 'Stop the Ride..' I can't wait to get the next book - Ravin Lunacy. Dave's book is not just the normal run of the mill gangster book. It blends menace with a great sense of humour and some of his exploits had me roaring with laughter. No matter what other people think of the criminal fraternity you can't help but like Dave and admire his loyalty to his friends and family and the book proves that he is an extremely well liked and respected man. He openly admits that he likes to be popular and his wicked sense of humour shows just how he has manged it. A brilliant read!


  4 June, 2001
Dave writes a cracking book. The comments that he comes out with are fantastic and kept me thoroughly amused. The only problem is that all of my friends have borrowed and I've lost the [book], it's that popular. The story about him kicking the copper up his backside had me stiched up for half an hour, though the story early on in the book about him nicking a horse and then putting it in a 4th floor flat - I couldn't believe it. You just get one story after another, and they roll easily from punch to punch. Get it or regret it.


  7 April, 2001
I saw the documentary on t.v. and was interested enough in the man to buy the book, it is excellent, brutally honest, funny, horrifying, scary and tenderly written in parts, this man loves his family and friends and knows who his enemies are. His escapades are like our everyday lives only more interesting to read, and also far more dangerous to live with. My admiration goes to his wife jenny also, a super-strong woman behind the man. eagerly awaiting the sequal.


  16 January, 2001
This book didn't take me long to read, I carried it around like a bible and at every opportunity "had my nose in it", so to speak. A great read from start to finish and will amaze you at some of the things he got up too. Well Wrote!!


  21 December, 2000
This is one of the best books i have read. im well into it and i just cant put it down. You just keep going as you need to know what he gets up to next. The mans crazy!!!


  20 December, 2000
Dave Courtney altough not the hardest barstard (and he admits that) has got himself the best book out of the lot!! I ahve read The Guvnor, Mad Frankie Fraser, Prettyboy, and Profession of violence and "Stop the ride" is class!!! Its really funny and really hard to put down. Quality bloke quality book!


  27 November, 2000
This book is without doubt the most informative and entertaining book I have ever read. Dave Courtney takes you into the life of a small time gangster turned Big and i mean BIG. He is one of the most feared men in England and he takes you through his exploits with great detail as well as a good laugh. If people think they are a wanna be then they best read this and think again. All in All a bang on book good on yer Dave.


  18 June, 2000
Stop the ride... i want to get off - is one of the most gripping autobiographies I have ever read. I read this book once and decided I must have a copy of this. Dave tells how he grew up from a 'respectable' background to respected gangster and why he eventually decided 'Stop the ride... i want to get off'!

This page last updated 17th December 2002