22.7.89   Dave meets John Mangan in prison hospital (Daily Star)
16.10.90   Dave loses nose in fight (The Sun)
17.10.90   Dave in TV Paradise Club (The Sun)
12.8.94   Dave at Kray/Richardson peace meeting (The Daily Express)
06.12.94   Dave's golden duster (The Daily Sport)
30.3.95   Dave does the security at Ronnie Kray's funeral (The Daily Mail)
03.12.98   Interview (The Independent)
19.1.99   Dave's boxing gym (South London Press)
19.2.99   Dave's letter to cops (Unknown)
08.8.99   Dave and Ronnie Biggs (The Observer)
16.10.99   Dave and Brad Pitt (The Sun)
22.10.99   Dave the Agony Uncle (The Daily Telegraph)
08.11.99   Dave The Court Jester (The Star)
09.11.99   Dave The Court Jester (South London Press)
08.12.99   Dave for London Mayor (The Evening Standard)
14.12.01   Dave booted out of hospital for Queen (South London Press)
09.10.02   Dave in TV Car Sharks (Unknown)

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