Jenny Courtney
Camelot Castle
Chestnut Rise
SE18 1RL

To whom this may concern

I am writing to ask when it would be convenient for me to collect all the property of mine that you still have.

I am also aware of all the stuff that went from my house during the search now that Dave is home and pointed it out. I didnít realise they were missing whilst Dave was on remand. Things such as the paper work, computer disks and DVDís concerning Daveís case involving the CIB3 and the evidence he had concerning the bent police.

I also find it strange that you had a 45min video tape of the complete search of the house. So you say! The paperwork actually shows you were in my house for over 20hrs? I will apply for a licence for the air guns but if it is too late to do so and canít be done, thatís ok
As for the antique starting pistol, Iím sure Iím allowed that back. also the bullets that your ballistics man found to be legal, Iíd like them too, along with the silencers and deactivavation certificates please. And anything else you took from my home.

Thank you.

Daveís solicitor will also be contacting you with regards to me collecting my property.

Yours sincerely
Jenny Courtney.

Dave & Jenny Courtney
Camelot Castle
Chestnut Rise
SE18 1RL

Itís Jenny & Dave Courtney requesting a convenient time to come and collect all the property you still have since my acquittal at the Old Bailey on the 10th Dec 2009.

We are hoping that this letter requesting the return of our property is not ignored as all the previous letters have been.

Yours hopefully
Jenny & Dave Courtney OBE

Dave Courtney obe
Camelot Castle
Chestnut Rise
SE18 1RL

Hello sir.

Its Dave Courtney once again, asking for a date and time to come to the station to collect the items taken from my house on the day I was arrested along with my wife Jenny. 29.07.09. This is the second letter Iíve sent requesting my property be returned.

My wife and my solicitor Stuart Page of Rali and Co. have also sent 2 letters asking the same, strange as it seems,, none of us has been answered, as were the letters that were sent to the CPS, the bankruptcy people (Baker Tilly) and the forensic people by my wife prior to my court case.

I donít know if its standard procedure to ignore all correspondence or is it just a policy you use with me? As you seem to be allowed to bend and break the rules when dealing with me and even make some up along the way. Iím still dumb founded how you all got away with doing to me what you did. Your timing of my arrest was impeccable.

Iím sure youíll be very pleased to know that it did work and proper caused me and my family a lot of heartache and hurt me financially.

You canít be allowed to just totally disregard all correspondence from everyone concerning me and be allowed to do so? Surely!

The bullets, guns, silencers, paperwork and duster are to be returned to Jenny along with all the other stuff that was taken from our house. i.e, photos, DVDs of private things and a lot of computer discs and phone chips that werenít listed on the property list. The video of the search was only 20 minutes long and you had 20 hours in my house. Where is the video of all that? Where is the paperwork concerning my past court cases, including the last one in Bristol and the Austin Warnes evidence from the Old Bailey trial, where the policeman got 4 years and I was aquitted, the 1st and 2nd draft of my new book and all my phone books and the red laptop.

Iíve been a victim of the police helping themselves to stuff of mine in my last case and lost a gold knuckleduster with diamonds, and could not do anything about that.

Please have the decency to reply to this letter as I will have no option but to go to the complaints board. (Not that it will make a lot of difference), Iíve also been down that road before, many times.

What I will need is an explanation from someone to tell me why I was found guilty of possessing ammunition in Bristol, and told by your ballistics that the same bullets arenít illegal, they concluded that they were no more than film props, which is what Iíd told them in Bristol, but they insisted they were real. Can it be possible that one police force has completely contradicted all the ballistics experts as well as another police force? Coz thatís what happened in my last case. Iíll put a copy of the letters in with this, as well as requesting that my solicitor sends you copies of all the ones he sent, so you canít say you never received them.

Thank you very much for being so, so helpful and it would be greatly appreciated if you now pulled your finger out.

Have a nice day.
Dave Courtney OBE


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