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Play Dave at Pool
Dave Courtney - In His Own Words
Exclusive Poster Offer
Signed Flyers
Hell to Pay Memorabilia
Signed books, DVD and posters to you
Appear in Dave's Next Film
Hire Dave's Dungeon
DVDs and Books
Buy Dave's suits

 Play Dave at Pool 

This is your big chance to play pool with Dave at Camelot Castle under the gaze of the webcams. Yup, you'll get a kick out of meeting and playing Dave at his famous one-handed game and of knowing that your mates can watch you on the internet.

At a cost of 100 this is real value for money (Dave doesn't usually get out of bed for less than a grand!).

Email Mal if you'd like to play Dave at pool.

 Dave Courtney - "In His Own Words" 

An Audience with Dave Courtney OBE in the comfort of your own home. Dave's first attempt at a talking book. Background music is by Beau Courtney.

Dozens upon dozens of fans have already downloaded Dave's  new CD entitled "In His Own Words" and the feedback has been fantastic. The CD consists of 14 tracks (over 52 minutes long) of Dave talking about his life with backing music by his son Beau. You can hear Dave telling you in his own words about his "accident" and many of the funny (and not so funny) events in his life. DC describes it as "my first venture into talking books."

Professionally recorded and produced, the album is available as an exclusive high quality 48 Mb download from this site only. Yes, you could soon be the proud owner of Dave's unique story "In His Own Words" ... and you will not be disappointed.

Simply click on the PayPal button below. The price is just 5.00 with, of course, NO postage and packing charges. Once we have received confirmation of payment (usually 24 to 48 hours) we will email you with full instructions and pass codes to download the entire album in zipped MP3 format.

 Exclusive Poster Offer 

I have a very exclusive limited edition montage poster of Dave. There are only 200 numbered autographed copies of this poster and 100 have already been sold. I'm releasing another 20 of them for sale now. The poster is black and white on best quality glossy poster paper, measuring 420mm x 297mm.

There is no doubt that this has very quickly become a coveted collectors item. The 20 that are going on sale now are just 12.50 each (including p&p) and will be sold on a first-come first-served basis. If you wish to be one of the few in the country to own one of these collectors posters then you can either pay using the PayPal button below or email me at with the subject "Posters" in the title.

 Signed Flyers

We have a very limited number of flyers, signed by Dave, for sale. The coloured one on the left is the flyer from Dave's Big Launch Party and the other is from this year's Joey Pyle Snr. Testimonial event (signed by Dave either on the front or the back). Both are destined to become collectors' items. The cost is just 5 each (+ 1 p&p).

REMEMBER: Once they've gone ... THEY'VE GONE! 

Coloured Party Flyer

B+W Joey Pyle Flyer

Or you could save 1 on postage by buying both at the same time!


NOTE: The Paypal buttons will be removed as stocks become exhausted.

 Hell To Pay Memorabilia 

A unique opportunity to own the Browning 8mm pistol with silencer that was used in the film Hell To Pay by Terry Turbo, aka Terry Stone. As seen in the documentaries on the wall of Dave's house.


... also, the Derringer used by Dave himself at the very end of the film and currently on show at the Crime Through Time Museum.


Front grill and Engine plate of the Rolls Royce blown up in the film.


The suit worn by Dave in the film "Cathula" with Cathy Barry.


Signed Francis Bacon lithograph, as seen in the documentary "Francis' Missing Millions" on the BBC and mentioned in Dave's books. Any interested parties may have their own expert valuation performed prior to purchase.


All weapons supplied with their de-activation certificates.

 Signed Books, Posters and DVD 

Now, here's a deal that people have been asking for for a long time. Not only will you get a copy of each of Dave's books, posters and DVD of "Hell To Pay", but they will be signed personally to YOU and you'll visit Dave at Camelot Castle to meet him and receive the set from Dave himself. The price of this lifetime opportunity is a mere 200 and you'll be the envy of all your mates! Email me at with your details to get things started.

 Appear in Dave's Next Film 

Do you wanna be in Dave's next film? Well, you can be if you have what it takes. What does it take? Well, a grand. Yup, for 1,000 you can have a speaking part in his next movie. The entrance money will be one route to financing the project. Remember: Dave prefers to use ordinary people to give his films an authentic quality lacking in most of the genre. Once again, email me at with your details to get the ball rolling.

 Want Dave for your Function or Party? 

Would you like Dave Courtney at your party or function? Well, now you can book him here. The cost is 500, with a non-returnable deposit of 100. Once again, email me at with your details to get the ball rolling.

 Hire Dave's Dungeon 

Would you like to hire Dave's Dungeon at Camelot Castle? It's kitted out with all kinds of surprising "toys" and is totally private ... well, apart from the webcams! Prices depend on when and for how long you'd like to play, so email me at with your requirements.

 Buy Dave's Magnificent Suits 

Dave's wardrobes are bursting and he's got nowhere to put his new suits, so he has decided to sell some of his famous old suits. The following suits are up for grabs:

The black leather coat that Dave wore when he ran the security for Ronnie Kray's funeral, PLUS a bunch of signed photos from the time.  SOLD  5,000
Dave's fabulous Pink Suit  SOLD  3,000
The suit Dave is wearing on the cover of "F**k The Ride" 2,000
The suit Dave is wearing on the cover of "The Ride's Back On"  SOLD  2,000
The suit Dave is wearing on the cover of "Stop The Ride"  SOLD  2,000
The suit Dave is wearing on the cover of "Raving Lunacy"  SOLD  2,000
The Long Overcoat that Dave wears in the final gun battle with his brother in "Hell To Pay"  SOLD  1,500
The suit that Dave wore to address the Oxford Union SOLD  1,500

 DVDs and Books 

I'm not sure too many people have heard of the film "BabyJuice Express".

It's a Gangster Comedy starring Nick Moran (Lock Stock), the truly delicious Samantha Janus (Game On, oh how I've yearned for her over the years), Dave Courtney (the hardest man in Brighton!), Julian Clary (playing a hard gay gangster surprisingly convincingly!), Phil Davis (too many TV and films to mention, inc. Alien 3, The Firm and Quadraphenia) and Joe Bugner (as a hilarious heavy). It's one of the funniest films I've seen in a long time and I've been watching it regularly for a couple of years, whenever I want a laugh. Amazon are now selling the DVD for a stupid 5.97 (RRP is 12.99!). So if you're a Dave Courtney fan and you like a laugh, CLICK HERE to buy the film before Amazon twig and put the price up. I promise you, you will thank me.

CLICK HERE to get your copy of F**k the Ride from Amazon. 

If you haven't got them yet then click on the book you want.

Dave Courtney OBE



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