041   Dave and the girls at Hooters, Nottingham
042   Jo, Dave, Alana and Emma
043   Dave and young lady
044   US wresting star 'Jake The Snake' and Dave
045   Niki, Dave and Stu
046   Niki reveals her assets in Portsmouth
047   Paul, Dave and Ernie
048   Bruno, Dave, Chewie, Kev and Mal
049   Dave and Faith
050   Dave and Kev
051   Kelly, Dave and Gemma
052   Dave and Welsh Dougie
053   Dave and Rob
054   Dave and Leigh
055   Dave and Stuart
056   Stuart, Dave, Leigh and Nick
057   Dave and Chey and the staff of The Adult Gift Shop, Nottingham
058   Dave and Harve
059   Dave and Tony Bowden
060   Original Picture Removed
061   Carl Dodd (scaffolder from Coventry) and Dave
062   Rod, Dave and Rob
063   Removed
064   Jacko and Dave
065   Dave and Peter Rnic in Cannes 2003
066   Dave's youngest fan?
067   Another young one
068   Myra, Dave and Lynda
069   Ritchie and Dave
070   Chris, Dave and Gary
071   Dougie, Bernie, Dave, Rob, Rod and our Phil
072   Mike, Dave, Bernie and Dave
073   Nige, Dave and Christian
074   Dave, Helen and her son, Connor
075   Glyn from Merthyr with Dave
076   Karl and Dave
077   Dave, Dela (DJ at Hertbeat FM), Paul, Dave and Colin
078   J and Lindsay with Dave
079   Dave and Steve Wraith
080   Richard Allen and Dave
081   Tony Simpson and Dave

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