g9001   Honest Jon and Dave
g9002   Dave, Rita and Mark Fish
g9003   Dave and legendary model Cherri Gilham
g9004   Mark Fish and the new Company Car
g9005   Mark and his lady, the delicious Shelley
g9006   Tron (right) and Devee wearing their DC Ts
g9007   Tron and Devee warming up
g9008   Tron (right) and Devee wearing their DC Ts
g9009   Tron and crew
g9010   Dave and Jeff Mason
g9011   Steve Wale(The Business), Dave and Lars Frederiksen (Rancid)
g9012   Tony Lambrianou, Tel Currie, Roy Shaw, Dave and Joey Pyle
g9013   Dave and Tel Currie
g9014   Dave and Bev M...mmmm
g9015   Storm and Lars Fredriksen (Rancid)
g9016   Storm and Steve Wale (The Business)
g9017   Dave with Richie Blackwood
g9018   Dave with Ludicrous
g9019   Michelle from Big Brother, Dave and Louise Glover
g9020   Dave in a Cathy Barry sandwich
g9021   Storm, Cathy Barry , Dave and a model
g9022   It's Dave
g9023   Dave and the boys in Southampton
g9024   Dave, Angel and Guerrilla
g9025   Shenise, Dave, and Jenny
g9026   Dieter
g9027   Dave and Dieter
g9028   Some of the Maidstone Krew and Dave
g9029   Amy J and Dave
g9030   Dave and The Sceptics (Mark and Mike)
g9031   Dave and his long-time friend Steve Lawrence
g9032   Dave with Steve's son, Sam
g9033   Dave with Keith Doyle
g9034   Dave with some of the boys
g9035   Peter Bonner and Dave relax after a hard days shooting
g9036   Dave and Chris and Caroline in Saltburn
g9037   Dave and Dean at the Kent County Show
g9038   Dave and Sue at the Kent County Show
g9039   Dave and Paul Bohan at the Dorking event
g9040   Dave and Eric Rees at Saltburn
g9041   Mad Pete, Southampton Colin, Dave and Michael Carroll
g9042   Dave and Steve Chapman at the Dorking event
g9043   A familiar face on a stock car
g9044   Dave and Tel Currie
g9045   Dave, Telboy, Freddie Foreman and Howard Marks
g9046   Dave with Michelle & Charleen at Aquarium
g9047   Dave with Michelle & René at Aquarium
g9048   Lou with Charleen, René & Gemma
g9049   Dave's son Beau and wife Kerry
g9050   Dave with Karl and Fisher at Carwash

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