g8001   What a fab bike and sidecar ... and what's that on the side?
g8002   Detail of Dave's knuckleduster and website name on the bike
g8003   Another pic of the bike
g8004   Dave and Gav
g8005   Mandy and Dave on Dave's Harley
g8006   Mandy on Dave's Harley
g8007   Jeff and Dave
g8008   Mandy and Dave
g8009   Mandy, Dave, Jeff and Andrea
g8010   Big John and Dave
g8011   Big John and Dave
g8012   Mark Fish
g8013   Mad Sam (the Ashby Assasin) and Big John
g8014   Dave, Jamie Rae and Storm
g8015   Top Man Tim and Linda Herdman
g8016   Dave with Burnley Paul
g8017   Dave with Paula at Camelot Castle
g8018   Ronnie and Dave
g8019   Helen, Seymore, Bev M, Dave and Bev
g8020   Steve with a bevvy of Bevs and Dave
g8021   Dave and Beverly Mmmmmm
g8022   Taz, Dave and Beverly M
g8023   Dave with his good friend Stuart Smith-Hutchon
g8024   Dave at Kerang!
g8025   Dave at Kerang!
g8026   The meeting of The Bosses in Las Vegas
g8027   Dave and Giovanna at Las Vegas
g8028   The Soldiers in Las Vegas
g8029   Dave and Peter H. Gilmore in New York
g8030   Dave and André Schlesinger in New York
g8031   Dave the High Priest
g8032   Dave the High Priest
g8033   Dave the High Priest
g8034   Dave the High Priest
g8035   Dave and Big Charlie at the Orange House, Wigan
g8036   Dave signing books at the Orange House, Wigan
g8037   Dave and Danny Boy at the Orange House, Wigan
g8038   Big John, Danny Boy and Mark Fish at the Orange House, Wigan
g8039   Dave and Tremayne (who does safe's!)
g8040   Dave with Andrea and Karl
g8041   Dave and Danny
g8042   Storm Dave and Taz
g8043   Joel, Andreas, Dave, Sam and Edd
g8044   The documentary gets underway
g8045   Dave with Nikki and Cougan
g8046   Dave and Nikki
g8047   Dave relaxes
g8048   Dave and the Lapdancer (Mel)
g8049   Dave and the Lapdancer (Mel)
g8050   Dave and the Lapdancer (Mel)
g8051   Dave and the Lapdancer (Mel)
g8052   Dave and the Lapdancer (Mel)
g8053   Dave and Storm on Dave's latest bike
g8054   Bev gives Dave a manicure
g8055   Dave with Taz and her Mum
g8056   Taylor Morgan with Dave at the BAFTAs
g8057   Dave with Karen Hughes
g8058   Dave and Mark Fish
g8059   Dave and Abi Ryan

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