g7001   Dave at An Audience, Casino Rooms, Rochester
g7002   Dave at An Audience, Casino Rooms, Rochester
g7003   Dave at An Audience, Casino Rooms, Rochester
g7004   Dave at An Audience, Casino Rooms, Rochester
g7005   Dave signing books in Swansea
g7006   Dave and John
g7007   Dave and two Outlaws
g7008   Dave, ready to take on the world
g7009   Dave interviews the mayor at Rochester Castle
g7010   Dave
g7011   Dave and his portrait
g7012   Dave, Seymore and Brendan on location, Hell To Pay
g7013   Dave and Big James from Queens in earlier boxing days
g7014   Dave and pal by the Roller
g7015   Dave on one of his bikes
g7016   Dave and Micky Goldtooth
g7017   Dave and Taz
g7018   Dave and his family
g7019   Taz
g7020   Freddie Foreman, Roy Shaw and Tony Lambrianou in Dave's old pub, The Albion
g7021   Friends
g7022   Dave and Joey Pyle at Joey's wedding anniverary at Chelsea Football Club
g7023   Nick and Bruce Reynolds with Roy Shaw
g7024   Dave holds forth at An Audience With
g7025   The mark of Zoro - off to a party
g7026   Dave and Bev Cocks
g7027   Rias tattoo
g7028   N/A
g7029   N/A
g7030   Dave, Dave Legano and Tony Lambrianou
g7031   Taz
g7032   Dave's Mum with Big Marcus
g7033   Dave with Jaws and Oddjob
g7034   Dave and friends outside Undecided Bar in Ashford Kent
g7035   Dee and Dave at Tel Currie's Warriors IV show
g7036   Dave and Mark Dunford during an interview for Style magazine
g7037   Dave and ensemble at Charlie Kray's Funeral in 2000
g7038   Adrian and Dave
g7039   Dave and the Doormen
g7040   Dave and the hosts
g7041   Dave, Choco, Steve & Pete Mc
g7042   Dave, Pete Mc and Big Steve
g7043   Jon & Dave

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