g1001   Mick Colby, Michelle and Dave
g1002   James Macleod and Dave
g1003   Dave and Sonny
g1004   Storm, Julie (hiding), Michelle, Mark, Paul, Lorraine and Dave
g1005   Mark and Paul with Dave
g1006   Dave and Adam
g1007   Dave and Michelle
g1009   Dave and Charity Mark
g1010   Dave at "Six Bend Trap" premiere
g1011   Dave at "Six Bend Trap" premiere
g1012   Dave at "Six Bend Trap" premiere
g1013   "Clubbed To Death"
g1014   "Clubbed To Death"
g1015   "Clubbed To Death"
g1016   "Clubbed To Death"
g1017   "Clubbed To Death"
g1018   "Clubbed To Death"
g1019   "Clubbed To Death"
g1020   "Clubbed To Death"
g1021   Agent Number 10's bike
g1022   Agent Number 10's bike
g1023   Dave and Norena
g1024   Dave and Norena
g1025   Dave, Gaza and Darryn
g1026   Dave, Gaza and Lisa Jeynes
g1027   Dave and Suzie Verricho
g1028   Jimbo, Bones, Dave and Chapo
g1029   Norena and Dave
g1030   Norena
g1031   Norena and Dave
g1032   Dave and Norena

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