g1   Dave & Jacket
g2   Dave
g3   Dave & Micky
g4   Dave & Micky
g5   Dave & Micky
g6   Dave & Friends
g7   Dave & Friends
g8   Dave & Friends
g9   Dave & Friends
g10   As If!
g11   Dave & Friends
g12   I can do this!
g13   My new bike
g14   Dave
g15   My eyes are blue, look!
g16   The Boss
g17   Dave
g18   Dave & Friends
g19   Ooops! Sorry, was that your ear?
g20   Dave & Friends
g21   Dave
g22   Filmset of Hell To Pay
g23   Dave & some of the boys in Cannes
g24   Dave and his Mum
g25   Dave and Jill
g26   Charlie's Angels
g27   Doug, Tom & Dave
g28   It's my bike!
g29   Not bloody guilty!
g30   Dave & Phil
g31   Dave
g32   Dave
g33   Dave
g34   Dave
g35   Dave
g36   Dave
g37   Dave Playing Pool
g38   Dave
g39   Dave & Frank Skinner
g40   Dave & Steve McFadden

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