A short film by Stefan Archetti
18 minutes

A devil cult leader has escaped from prison with only one week to live after serving 26 years for murdering 12 babies in a bizarre ritual.

The central character, a struggling young actor called Roman, moves into an apartment block and discovers he has some very iffie neighbours and a decidedly dodgy vicar comes to call (enter Dave Courtney). Yep, Dave plays a vicar in this one! Our man of the cloth, however, ain't exactly representing the usual suspect. Nothing here is quite what is should be.

An atmosphere of strangeness (?) is quickly established around the apartment block and its residents. Or is it all in the mind of the young actor?

The scene is set for some worrying developments and an interesting ending. But you know me, I don't give endings away.

This is a very good short tale of the supernatural and has bags of potential to be made into a full length film. Professionally produced and directed by Stefan Archetti, the film has something of the flavour of the British "horror" films of the 50's and early 60's. John Ward does a professional job of the filming and produces some excellent disconcertingly weird scenes without falling back to computerised special effects.

While a short film like this doesn't allow for very much in the way of character development, the ideas behind the plot are more important than understanding the lives of the people in it.

Oh, and you can play "Spot the Duster" in this film (blink and you'll miss it).



Produced Written Edited and Directed by Stefan Archetti

Roman Hendricks - Stephen GIFFIN
Father Stanley - Dave COURTNEY
Ruth Curtis - Beryl NESBITT
Alfred Carpenter - Terence MUSTOO
Brian Aldrich - Simon James MORGAN
Daria Silver - Linda ROGERS

Produced by Nine Lives Films


Father Stanley: "I'm sure you can spare something"

"Hi there. I'm Daria ... from next door."

The hero, Roman. Who's been ringing his bell?



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