Lee Phillips and Tony Royden have made this 24 minute version of a full length gangster comedy film to showcase the story as a pilot for potential financiers. On a budget of next to nothing they have produced a first class piece of entertainment which, if there is any justice in this world, should eventually hit the big screens in it's full length version.


The Dealer tells the story of hard-core villain Danny "The Dealer" Dempsey (Dave Courtney) who awakes one morning, in his heavily secured home, to find a letter resting on his pillow. The dealer is totally bewildered how it got there, as there are no signs of an intruder or a break in. The mystery of who the letter is from (and what it contains) is something the dealer will not share, even with his closest friends or his very dear sister Sally (Sonya Roseman).

The Dealer, normally a clear headed lateral thinker, is suddenly behaving totally out of character, and so begins the strangest 24 hours any one has ever witnessed from him. A crazy day unfolds in which he succeeds in ruining his sister's wedding, disrupting other gangland leaders and turning his hand to gambling on ludicrous bets. Slowly but surely, the dealer is dangerous1y offending and taunting everyone around him.

Could The Dealer be on the brink of self-destruction? Or will he somehow succeed in saving his own skin at the final hour, while revealing to all the secrets of the letter that has clearly been dictating his bizarre behavior?



Dave Courtney  Danny 'The Dealer' Dempsey
Deve Legeno Bolt
John Thomson Bat
Sonya Roseman SallyDempsey
Craig Charles Scott Flowers
Ricky Grover Donald Kelly
Patrick Murray Professor Pringle
Piers Hernu Forensic
Steven Drew Quiton Verani
Robert Jezek Minister
Jacqueline Dillon Wedding Guest
Spencer Wilding Wedding Guest
Mickey Goldtooth Scott's Henchman





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There's an article about the film in the Magazine Section. CLICK HERE to read it.

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