20 DECEMBER 2007



Camelot Castle
Chestnut Rise
London SE18 1RL

21 November 2007

Trinity Police Station
Bristol BS2 0NW

Reference: Custody Report Number 52SZ 4368 07
  Officer in Case Lord DC 1733
  Officer Granting Bail Hicks PS 2434
Our Reference: Correspondence DC/1 dated 08/11/07
  Correspondence DC/2 dated 12/11/07

Hello Sir,

Itís only me again, ďDave Courtney O.B.E.Ē. Thank you, for letting me know you received my letter, I sent ya, offering my help with all this.

But I do have a problem, now that the car wasnít returned to me and the reason for that, is I didnít make a big fuss about the missing Duster, because I truly felt that after explaining to you that, I can prove, I got in the car with it and as I was taken out of my car by your firm, it had to be in it still and you told me, you had the list of names, of who searched the car.

That, it would only be matter of time before it just turned up in my car before I collected it. And, it would all be dealt with adultly, with no fuss which is my way now.

I know you monitor my website and must know that, I havenít even mentioned it, as if it never happened. But now the car has not been given back to me itís blown my theory of what you were going to do with this duster, out of the fucking water ainít it? Ha, ha, ha. How wrong was I? ha, ha, ha

So it is now important to me. How or why my car, was not there when I came to collect it? Even though, I had done it within the time specified on the form you gave me to get it from the compound. Within the seven dayís. I did say to the arresting officer that it was my car and so did Brendon and my son say it was my mine. I also said on the tape it was mine and who I had brought it from and who had bought it for me. I also explained that the log book was still in the name of the previous owner and she would be able to help with the original number plates that were on the car before she put her personalised plates on it. Which I, did not purchase and had to come of, which is how and why the Bad Boy 1 number plate got stuck on the poxy car in the first place. Which was all explained to you at the time, so could you explain to me please what the course of events were that ended up with my car not being there for me to collect.

I know you told me that, that the owner had contacted you and the car had gone. On their say so. Now I donít know if you meant it was driven out of the yard or picked up by Lou Lowder from the compound or was ordered to be destroyed by the compound and as there is now a break down in communication between myself and the previous owner of the car and I am no longer in contact with this person. I do feel that I deserve an explanation as to why I was not informed of any discrepancy of the ownership of the vehicle and that even though it was a piece of evidence in my case it was removed from the Police Compound and never to be seen again without any permission or even acknowledgement and believe me itís only become an issue now that the Duster can not be replaced or returned without a fuss. How fucking gutted, am I? You know, donít ya, ha, ha, ha, ha? And as I myself was the last one to search it with my son and yourself present., before I was released from Trinity Police Station we can safely assume that it wasnít in there, canít we and I know 100 percent itís absolutely fuck all to do with you. Honestly I do, or you wouldnít have let me look for it myself before I left and I thank you for that, sir.

But that does leave us with the problem of what did actually happen to it, doesnít it?

Now Iím not silly enough to believe that, Iím ever going to see it again or that you will be able to find out what actually happened to it, or in fact whoís got it. So my dilemma now is?

Do I just pretend it never happened and say nothing further about it and just let that happen to me (thatís a hard one)?

Or do I, kick up a big stink about it and try and get publicity round it and go for compensation and all that bollox of a Chriss Report. Even knowing the eventual outcome will be ďitís gone, we ainít got it, so fuck offĒ and that, more or less will be the outcome and I know it.

So as weíve been 100 percent straight with each other right from the beginning. Iíd like your advice of, what to do here? As Iím feeling like a prick, just letting my car get confiscated off me and not given back and now the duster going missing as well.

Iím sure you will understand my position as a man; you must know how I feel. Iím gutted about it, and because the service I got whilst staying over at your place was excellent, second to none and everyone that had anything to do with me and my case was very efficient and professional, which Iíve said to you already. And, because I donít know the names of who did go through my car, Iíve got to just point the finger at everyone and I really donít mean it that way at all. Know, what I mean?

Anyway, I have the names, addresses and date of births of all the actors that was on set, the week we were in Portsmouth at a place called Pounds Yard, in a place called Fraten.
When we were blowing up Rolls Royceís and Mercedes and shooting each other and were passing those dud bullets around to every one that was in the gun fight and given to us by the geezer doing the pyrotechnics and all that stuff.

If you would like two watch this film, itís called Hell 2 Pay and itís the absolute bollox, I tell ya! But you will be able to see for yourself the bullets being used, if thatís of any help to you. Itís worth a watch anyway and the gold duster with the Diamonds is on my website and also in any of the documentaryís Iíve been in. Iíll send you a copy of both if you want, with all this other shit, if you need it? Or just my DVDís, if you want, so you can see the Knuckle Duster and should recognise it again. Just incase, anyone should see it lying around anywhere, or if someone hands it into the lost property or something.

I do hope you had a relaxing week away from the station and have come back fully charged and refreshed. Say hi to the rest of the team for me and Iíll see ya, on the 13th December.

Be Lucky

Dave Courtney O.B.E.



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