19 DECEMBER 2007



Hello People,

The other big change recently is that my website is now being done by my old pal Malcolm again. Although, itís all turned out nice in the end, it wasnít my choice at all to part company with the girls that done the site for the past 9 months. To say, I was gutted when I learnt we were to part company is a fucking under statement.

I canít praise them high enough and if itís of any interest, I would give them 10 out 10 for what they did for me and they are also personally responsible for the excellent merchandise shop on my pals Philís site, which is without a doubt the best shop on any site on the entire web.

Iíll always luv them to bits and never forget what they have done for me, so thank you, thank you, thank you for all ya did for me and good luck in the new house.

While Iím doing my thank youís, I have to thank Lesley, Lee Phillips, JD, Debbie & Roger Tasker (Studio prints), Rich (Making Impressions) for the best prints and posters in the world. Liam and Evett for filming every fucking thing that moves for me. Diann, Steve, Donna, Mark, Marcus, Paul, Andy, Bernice of Andrewís Home Entertainment (Chatham) and every single one of ya that help in any way and have faith in my objectives.

To Rob Ferguson, Jim in Britain, all at Kadiz and every other fucker Iíve forgot and to you, Iím sorry, I ainít mentioned ya, but you know I love ya loads. And, special thanks to my Danny were ever you are??

Iíve been busy with Jim Dawkins doing our Quiz Crime Book thatís out in June; check it out on the Heroes & Villains Store. Also getting the Web cam up and running in my house again.

Iím now off my driving ban and found out that not driving for a year odd has nearly turned me into a fucking alcoholic, ha, ha, ha. When you donít have to not drink coz you ainít driving, you drink more donít ya, thatís all I meant.

Weíre doing a Dave Courtney self defence DVD at the moment and thatís a laugh plus a crime based most haunted is under way with Roy up there at Rock FM in Preston. Big shout going out to you boys and another big shout to the Mrs Moneypenny Promotions and the Chuff, Chuff Crew that gave me a wicked weekend last week when they hired out the Hotel in Alton Towers for the Party of the Year and it lived up to itís reputation and was the bollox. Me Steve and JD, Vuce, Creuen and the sex god himself Omar had a wicked time, what we could remember, that is...

Big Albert Chapmanís birthday party at the Elbow Rooms was another top fucking night to remember, as they always are and I will be well gutted to see the Elbow Rooms closing down this month R.I.P Elbow rooms and the same goes for Caesars in Streatham, thatís on its last few months as well. Itís got so many good memories for me, with the Boxing, Filming of Snatch, Joey Pyleís Senior R.I.P Life Time Achievement Evening, my Audience Withís, the odd stays Iíve had there and the good friends Iíve met there, the Cage Fighting Iíve seen there. Iíll miss all of it.

But talking of Cage Fighting, you have to take your hat off to the cage rage team, who have gone from strength to strength with every show and are now filling Wembley on a regular basis. I Salute You and because I am a good friend and open admirer of most of the fighters at these promotions it holds a really big part in my heart and to see the Spin offís from it all working as well and everybody gaining out of itís success is a nice one to see happening and all that success ainít gone to the main manís head yet, coz the last time I went round his lovely house to visit, he was up on a stage built in his back garden dressed in skin tight fucking black leather high heeled boots and blond wig and fucking make upÖ? What can ya say about that then? And itís trueÖ..

My driver Ted thatís saved my life for the past year, has to have a big thank you too and to his good lady Becky who letís me just fuck off with her husband for days on end XXX luv ya and to my very good pal Mr Ian Wadeley, I thank you too, my old mate. You know what for ďrespectĒ and to every body up at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for the past year looking after my little lady Narina who has had a fucking poxy 18 months in and out of that place with one thing or another ďpoor little fuckerĒ, sheís had serious operations and been admitted on several occasions this year and I really do hope that itís nearly all finished for her as itís proper held up the plans for her modelling, which now seems to be moving along nicely, with the help of her friend and mentor the ever sexy Miss Ellie, who also happens to be a shit hot photographer in her own rightÖ. Ellie youíre the bollox.

To everyone that came to my place last year for the big photo shoot for the Calendar, youíll be pleased to know, that although a year late, it is out now and available to buy on my website shop Heroís and Villains Store. Any one in Medway can go along to my franchise in Andrews Home Entertainment Shop, 1st Floor, the Pentagon, Chatham, Kent and get one. Anyone who wants to see the photoís, from the entire shoot just get in touch with the sight by email and theyíre sort it all out for you and Iíve gotta tell ya you all look so, so good. WOW, I love ya.

Also I must say ďget well soonĒ to my other driver Les who is in hospital and to Lee from Wolves who suffered a heart attack a couple of weeks ago, I didnít know you fucking had one mate. Ha, ha, ha. Good Luck.

Dave Courtney OBE



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