18 DECEMBER 2007



Camelot Castle
Chestnut Rise
London SE18 1RL

12 November 2007

Trinity Road Police station
Bristol BS2 0NW


Officer Granting bail: Catt PS 3629 29/10/07
Custody Report: No 52st 461307
Arresting Officers Incase: Goodwin & Lord

Dear Mr Lord

I understand that you have been appointed the new person in charge of my case as you are by far the more Superior ranking officer and I should like to give you the opportunity to speak to me before tomorrow.

I have had these bullets examined by ballistics’ expert who has confirmed that these are infact theatrical bullets, which do have a residue that is designed only to make a noise, but nothing is propelled from the gun.

I can if you wish bring my expert and /or his report along with me tomorrow but as a matter of urgency would you please contact me 07……. As I will need to organise this very quickly ready for tomorrow’s meeting and really need to know tonight.

Yours sincerely

Dave Courtney O.B.E



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