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18 JULY 2003


Hello People

Wembley’s Cage Rage was a top night and filmed by Sky Sports, and was attended by the man himself Mr Reb Joe which excited Taz more than all the fucking fighting put together. I saw so many old faces it was the bollox. The Cage Rage Promotion is by far the best one out there, and a big hats off to you chaps at the Cage Rage office, and the girls of the night were 10 out of 10, as well as the door girls, ring girls, program girls. They were all horny and fuck I would have done every fucking one of them, sorry but I would have, and Liana the head of the door, eye candy girls looked buff and as usual Alex was pure class and horny as hell. The 2 guys I went to see, Jeremy Bailey and Mark "The Beast" Epstein, both lost. Jeremy’s was a good one and he himself will tell you he just let himself get caught out in a good submission hold on his foot, and in the second round he was stopped, but that’s still seven and a half minutes of pure full on, lets-have-it kind of fighting because the rounds are 5 minutes fucking long. And as for my pal Mark Epstein, he is a Woolwich man and a local legend and has been since I moved down here. He trains with Lee Murray, (who is also in my new firm), at the gym in Plumstead Common, and I have to say that after Mark came out the tough tank-like fighter he is and was on top of his opponent for the first 5 minutes I truly thought he was going to do him in the next round. His opponent was a big six foot odd lad from up Blackpool way I think, and a fit looking bloke with a large part of the crowd down just to see him and they made themselves heard. Hello to all of them boys. It was living up to its hype and was a proper war and I know Mark wouldn’t have it any other way, but he caught one and it rocked him for just a second, and he got another big one and, although in trouble, his instincts made him march forward and attack - but with more heart than co-ordination. Mark was getting seriously picked off time and time again by his opponent, who took full advantage of Mark’s momentary lapse in concentration, and continued to pound Mark in the head. But Mark just kept marching forward right into them but he would not go fucking down. I, along with everyone in there, had never seen anyone take punishment like that and still come forward. It had to be instinct, but it was so fucking good to watch and I always knew that Mark was a proper bit of kit, but I just didn’t know how fucking hard the man really was. I want to say that Mark Epstein is as hard as they fucking come, and with the expertise of one of the biggest names in Cage Rage fighting, Lee Murray, as his trainer the sky is the limit for a nutty fucker like Mr Mark Epstein, and I salute you. He was also supported very well by Jeremy and Tucker, Matt, Tony, Lee, Barry, Joe Long, Mick Vanwick, (Wolfe), Johnny and Eamon all the Woolwich crew, The Basingstoke lads, the Croydon and Essex lot - it was excellent to see you. The after party was the bollox and when I saw Mark Hall putting all my new flyers on all the cars in the car park, I made my way out and down to Charlie Breakers Pub, The Park, for his birthday party, and it was nice to see it so well attended, with far too many to mention, but hello Nice, and hello Jo, it was real nice to see you, and thank you Joe, big time.

Dave Courtney OBE



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