Letter from Dave to Jen's solicitor

Dave Courtney O.B.E
Camelot Castle, Chestnut Rise, Plumstead.

Hello Mam,

Itís Dave Courtney, Jenny my ex-wife has told me to write to you concerning the divorcť I am seeking, I am naming Angela Bostock as the reason for my break down, even though I might be a bit guilty of encouraging it in the first place. I am still being pestered daily by Jenny on the phone, even though I am the one that still has her son living with me she is still intent on trying to destroy everything I try to do.

I have not seen my daughter for over two years and Jenny told me I was being childish exposing Angela and her, she will make me pay for it for the rest of my life and with the help of the police which she is proud to say, she has since taken me to court and is trying to put me in prison. It all has gone really wrong for her since she asked my friend Brendan to be an informant with her and meet her handler and he refused and came and told me.

She is now living a life of shame and even her own immediate family is finding it hard to excuse what she has become.

You know my financial position and so does she, but insist the police will do all they can to try to destroy me. I know that you must have already experienced my Jenny flying into a rage if she donít get her own way, as everybody who gets to know her does. She is even telling me she will stop me going to America with the help of the police as it would be harder for her to continue being a pain in the ass with me over there. Iím going to try and do this divorce by the book and nicely, but she is hell bent on trying to embarrass me. I know you will not advise her for her own good, but instead for your own financial gain, but I tell you now Iím more than ready for a big public court case in which I will prove Jenny is and has always been shagging Angela. So do what you have to do, and remember I did try to do it nicely at first.

Let Jenny know I did give her the chance to bow out quietly. I have no yearning anymore to see my daughter what so ever, Iíve done my two years of hurting and would not allow myself to continue giving her a weapon to hurt me.

So Iíve completely let go all feelings for my daughter, I am confident she will seek me out when she is old enough to know what has been done by Jenny concerning her Dad. So not only am I not asking for any access at all, I point blank refuse to set eyes on my little girl for at least ten years, so do what you like with that bit of information, but believe me when I say I mean it.
Please could you start the proceedings as soon as possible as I have a new woman and need to get my loose baggage gone.

Yours Sincerely
Dave Courtney O.B.E 



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