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Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Dave Courtney OBE, I am writing in reference to a letter sent to me by your office to Virgin books on behalf of your client Angela Bostock ref:- 1424 2kvg. I will try my best to keep this letter brief, but to be honest I feel a long one coming, this is in connection with a libel action brought against the Sunday Sport by your client Miss Bostock, which was very quickly dealt with in her favour and now she intends to try and do the same to Virgin Books if they publish my next book which includes facts about my marriage break up, in which I name her in my divorce case with my wife as the reason for my separation. Although the newspaper printed an apology for saying Angela and Jenny Courtney were lovers and intended to set up home together and paid out £7,000 compensation to Jenny and Angela, the basis of my story was infact true and it is just easier to pay out than drag it on and pay legal feeís and this was told to me by the journalist himself who took my story from me and he apologised and sent a letter to their solicitor to be used in court, explaining that they by no way did it mean the story werenít true just because they had to pay out compensation on it. In fact he said they would of paid out a lot more to get the story in the first place. but the letter was strangely refused to be seen by the jury on the judges request but that didnít really matter in the result anyway, because I was found to be the one telling the truth in the end and a unanimous decision of not guilty, meant that the jury believed me about why Jenny left and went to live with Angela and a lot of news paperís reported the result of the case, and that it was over a lesbian relationship between Jenny and Angela thatís why where separated. In fact it was on the front page of the local rag and I do have copies of all news papers and the letters meant for the judge from the sport. So I feel we need to tell you that if Angela fully intends to go on with this threat of libel against my publisher and me, that I will use every possible way I can to publicly expose just what sort of girls they are, and Angela knows exactly what Iím talking about, so you know the position to advise her in what ever way you like in what to do for her own good and not your financial benefit. personally I donít give a monkeys as I believe I have enough witnesses to prove my case if need be, and you can see the photoís of Angela and Jenny on my web site and the one of Angelaís hand and arm inside Jenny will take some explaining.

I think Iíve got to tell you Angela has threatened suing me once before and I said to go ahead with it and she backed out, after admitting she had been ringing my friend to come and stay with her and Jenny, only because he had accidentally court them at it at Angela house, at one of her partyís, I have people that lived with me and Jenny and served them up tea and coffee in bed together, I have men and woman to give evidence that they had sex with both of them, and that they witnessed them involved in sex with each other and they both no that I have as well, and I do not no if your aware of the fact that Angela is in fact helping Jenny writing a book herself about me, and Iíve got no intention of trying to stop them, I completely understand there continuing anger and hatred for me as I destroyed there chance of a relationship, unknowingly by publishing it on the website and once Angela had to deny it was true they could never come out, and say they were as it proved I was right all along, so in effect I have made them both have to hide it from most people and just steal odd moments and nights together instead of a real relationship, and even though its come out its better for Angela in the long run I feel she has to show some kind of remorse for Jenny. she would be making a very big mistake, by thinking that trying to stop my book coming out will stop every embarrassment being caused to her ex-husband Mr Steve McFadden and herself, as she donít know what Iíve said or how Iíve said it, and I assure you itís a lot better than the truth coming out and now Iíve got all my unused evidence and discloser bundles back from my solicitor concerning my court case with my ex-wife, in which Angela was subpoenaed to attend but never did why I donít know? Or why Mr McFadden never turned up either. But as I got the result in court anyway nothing was ever done about their absence, you must understand that I have put up with the pair of them phoning me up in early hours of the morning, just to let me hear them having shag. And now Iíve got the cheeky little monkey saying she is going to sue me, if I expose the fact she gets fucked by my ex-wife because itís not true. Please tell me you at least understand my annoyance with the pair of them, my ex-wife has told me how they had a deal with the Sunday Sport to get her a new car with the compensation money, and stop the truth about Angela and her coming out, as the police promised her they would and it didnít, Iím hoping she looks at this as a last chance to stay out of it, before I have no choice but to taint their reputation well before it gets to court. even if I just push print on my web site and get the whole story and photos and letters about it all and stick that lot in a cover and give it away at bus stops I will,

I'll get the whole truth out about Angela and Jenny if thatís what she wants. Iím just trying to be nice and let them do what ever they want to each other, but they donít keep trying to fuck around with my life. And as for the nonsense of her denying any sexual relationship with my wife? I was in the same fucking bed as them so I think I might have cause to be fucked of now. She is still trying to complicate things for me and just be a pain in the ass to please Jenny, I think she must not forget it was me who helped her sale the mailing list and bank details from her last employers (the IVE restaurant), so she cant do that whiter than white with me. I havenít updated my web site much lately on the pair of the them and donít want to continue with all this bollocks anymore, but I will if I have to so I hope that you can tell by this letter I am not to impressed with her or your threats at all, not one little bit, as I told her once before with her last threat to me, but apart from all that, I am aware of your company name and know you do very well, youíre a bit on the expensive side for me to be honest, but youíre good hopefully enough to know when to throw the towel in. As for the photos of which you mentioned that donít belong to me, and I am not aloud to put in my book Jenny has already been reported to the police for breaking in my house and trying to get them already, they are on my web site and I didnít intend to use them in my book anyway, but Iíll try my best to get them in if this continues and I know Iíll get some of them in if I try, but im not aiming to just yet Iíll see what comes out of this letter. You are aware that Angela has jenny as godmother to her children, and Jenny had Angela in bed with us on our wedding night in one sick little private joke between them both, they are some sort of couple, strange but true im afraid and I fell for it thinking it was all for me and for my benefit, but my wife has since told me exactly what it was all about, you should ask your client about that as it will be coming up in court, and I can prove that Angela and Jenny and myself on my wedding night, as Brendan Megar was suppose to be spending the week with Angela in America, and on the night he delivered her to us he spent the night alone, her babyís father Mr McFadden can vouch for that as he went mad when he found out about her and Brendan being together on holiday. I was on bail and with the help of the police to stop all the witnesses being able to be heard in court, proving they were lovers. but you wonít be aloud to stop them in this case. Because thatís what this is all about isnít it.

Please let her know all this will have to come out in court and Iíll make sure it dose if it gets there, Iíll do the book void of it, Iíll do just a book about that alone if I decided to be a proper nasty basterd, but it isnít putting her in a bad light in my book compared to how I could put it, and will put it, if I have to, so please sort it out for me. I am sure Virgin would appreciate a call from you after you have been advised by Angela what to do about this and tell them its ok to mention what happened and now why Iím now divorced in my new book thank you. Please write back as soon as possible as I am on a dead line, when to finish the book. and I need to know how she wants to play it, please ask her to think carefully before opening up a very massive court case, and Iíve just had one of those and it leaves scars as you well know.

Yours Sincerely
Dave Courtney O.B.E



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