Dave's very good friend Brendan McGirr has been arrested for common assault on a Traffic Warden and section  4a of the public order act for using abusive words with intent to cause her alarm.

Brendan voluntarily attended a police interview and was arrested at the end of it. There appear to be some very peculiar going's on in this case, which I hope to be able to bring you shortly. The crux of the matter appears to be that Brendan left his car for only one minute. He spotted a warden approaching his car, but when he remonstrated with the woman warden who was booking him he says she threatened him because her husband was a serving police officer. This incensed Brendan's sense of justice (and if you know Brendan's history you will understand why) and he began spitting feathers. Unfortunately, some of those feathers landed on the warden!

Brendan's court appearance was unexpectedly moved from Greenwich Court to top-security Belmarsh Court, normally reserved for the most dangerous criminals and terrorists! A little unusual for someone accused of swearing at and spitting at a Traffic Warden and has no previous convictions (but is a known associate of our man, Dave).

Even stranger is the fact that the judge in the case ruled that Brendan could not produce witnesses to the incident and that it was therefore only his word against her's. The judge chose to believe the warden and, in Brendan's words "stated that I had guessed that her husband was a police officer, rather than been told it by her."

The following documents are available here:

Brendan's own synopsis

Transcription of the Police interview

Letter from Brendan to his solicitor

Confirmation of attendance at probation centre


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