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  Julian Davies
  Bouncers, unlicensed boxers, bareknuckle fighters, brawlers and
  enforcers, they are throwbacks to an age when disputes were settled in   blood. Some are lionised by their local communities, others are vilified -
  but all have a story to tell. Boxing trainer Julian Davies travelled the country
  to interview two dozen of the hardest men in Britain, from the King of the   Gypsies to champion martial artists, to lift the lid on their brutal world of   violence, honour and respect.

STREETFIGHTERS by Julian Davies. 14.99 plus 1.50 p&p
Cheques are to be made out to MILO BOOKS LTD and sent to:
D.C. OFFER Milo Books P.O. Box 153, Bury, Lancs, BL0 9FX
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