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  Reg & Ron Kray - Our Story

  R & R Kray and Fred Dineage

An autobiography of the Kray Twins who were convicted of murder in 1969 and sentenced to "a minimum" of 30 years. Ron Kray is in Broadmoor and fears he will never be released. Reg, transferred from Parkhurst to Gartree, burns with a fury to be freed convinced that he has been punished enough.

  Reg Kray - Born Fighter

  Reg Kray

The autobiography of the elder Kray twin who delivers his own story concerning the Kray twins' East End childhood, their love for their mother, the development of their formidable position as gangsters and their notorious activities, including the murders of Jack McVitie and George Cornell.

  My Story

  Ron Kray & Fred Dineage

Following on from "Our Story", Ron Kray fills in the gaps and gives his version of the murders of Jack "The Hat" McVitie and George Cornell, describing his bisexuality and his marriage in Broadmoor and clarifying many of the misconceptions about the years when he and Reg ruled the London underworld, shot enemies at will and simultaneously socialized with some of the most glittering politicians, celebrities and hostesses of the time. He also tells of his life in Broadmoor - not a prison, he stresses, but a hospital. The daily routines, the drugs he must take to keep his equilibrium, his marriage there, his telephathic union with Reg in Lewes Jail and his hopes for the future.

  Reg Kray - A Man Apart

  Roberta Kray

Who was the real Reg Kray? Who was the man lost beneath the layers of attitude and opinion, exaggeration and distortion? Why was he destined to spend so much of his life behind bars? His second wife Roberta writes about the Reg she knew, how he became such a villified figure and what he thought about his past and his strange fame. Drawing on official documents, Reg's correspondence and their own conversations over the years, Roberta Kray sheds light on Reg's personality, his conflict with his brother Ron and his first tragic marriage. She also details the development of her own marriage from her first meeting with Reg in 1996 to his death in October 2000. This book offers a portrait of the real man behind the myth.

  The Krays - The Geordie Connection

  Steve Wraith

With a foreword by Dave Courtney.
"My name is Steve Wraith and I am the 'Geordie Connection'. I was first invited into the London Gangland Circle by the three Kray brothers as a public relations adviser and business advisor. I have worked alongside the chaps such as Dave Courtney, Freddie Foreman, Tony Lambrianou and Joe Pyle."

  The Krays / Flesh and Blood


Fantastic Value. Two videos at a bargain price.
The Krays is the brothers' story of how they formed 'The Firm' in London's East End and became kings of crime in the 1960s, and their eventual 30 years imprisonment for murder in 1969.
Flesh And Blood - The Story Of The Krays is a documentary surrounding the Kray Brothers. What were they really like ? 

  The Krays The Final Word


 A fascinating insight into the world of Britain’s most notorious gangsters, the documentary is structured around the only interview that Reg Kray gave following his release from prison, just 12 days before he died of inoperable cancer. A frank and full exposé of the world of the London crime lords of the 1960s, the documentary includes commentary from many people associated with the Krays – from lifelong friend Johnny Squibb to firm members Tony Lambrianou and Freddie Foreman and police detective Leonard “Nipper” Read, the lawman whose persistence finally saw the Krays stand trial.

  The Krays The Final Word


As above, but on VHS.

  The Krays - the Final Countdown

  Colin Fry
  This biography traces their history from childhood and early adolescence
  to manhood and death. It explores the brothers' fantasy lives, full as they
  were of mind games and false memories. Only now can the truth be
  revealed - without fear of intimidation, retribution or revenge. The Krays
  are dead and buried, but the myth lives on.

  Running with the Krays

  Billy Webb
  This is the story of Billy Webb, a man who lived in the heart of London's   gangland during the period when it was dominated by the Kray twins.

  Crimes of the Krays Omnibus

  James Morton
  This is the true story of the woman who braved the might of London's most   notorious criminal fraternity when she agreed to give the evidence that   convicted Ronnie Kray for the murders of George Cornell at The Blind
  Beggar pub in East London on March 9th 1966. In "Murder Without
  Conviction", John Dickson, a close and trusted friend of the Krays for
  many years, tells the inside story of their notorious gangland underworld.

  The Krays - Unfinished Business

  Martin Fido
  The Krays - Unfinished Business is a fascinating and revealing insight
  into the workings of the Krays and the criminal underworld of the 1960s.
  More explosive than any other book published before, the book uses   previously unseen material and eyewitness accounts that expose the
  true nature of the Krays and their cohorts and will lay bare the facts
  behind some of the twentieth century's most notorious crimes.

  The Krays

  Philip Ridley
  This screenplay tackles the real-life story of London's notorious gangsters,
  the Kray twins. Brought up by their mother and aunts, the school-ground   bullies grew more violent through national service and terms in prison
  before becoming the kings of 1960s gangland London. Ridley's
  screenplay, almost as notorious as its subject matter, is a stylised
  meditation on maternal love, childhood, violence and homo-eroticism.

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