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  Insanity - My Mad Life

  Charles Bronson

Charles Bronson is the most feared and the most notorious convict in the prison system. Renowned for serial hostage taking and his rooftop sieges, he is a legend in his own lifetime. Yet behind the crime and the craziness, there is a great deal more to Charlie. He is a man of great warmth and humour; a man of great artistic talent who exhibits his drawings around the country; and a man with an overpowering urge not to let the system get him down. "Insanity" is a look into the mind of a true individual - a wild, inspired, single-minded, fascinating man, oppressed not only by the workings of his singular mind, but also by the system that confines him.

  Silent Scream

  Charles Bronson

Bronson is laughing all the way to the crematorium, he kicks his way through steel doors, causes £1/2M worth of damage in one roof-top protest and clinically brings the life of a sex attacker to an end, until he’s revived. Dave Courtney says: “I was pleasantly surprised to find that he was a very intelligent, witty and funny man indeed.” Includes introductions from Joe Pyle, Tony Lambrianou, Lord Longford, Crime Through Time Museum owner — Andy Jones, Jan Lamb, Charlie’s mother and legal team & more.


  Charles Bronson

It is said that Charles Bronson will never be set free. A convicted criminal, he is held in an impenetrable cell in an attempt to stop his hostage-taking. Though his time is now spent producing a constant stream of poetry and sketches, his story is an astonishing and terrifying one. .

  Book of Poems: Birdman Opens His Mind

  Charles Bronson

A collection of poems and illustrations from one of Britain's dangerous category 'A' prisoners, Charles Bronson, formerly Michael Peterson. The poetry indicts the anachronistic penal system for what Bronson says they did to him.

  Solitary Fitness

  Charles Bronson

"Buy my book and I’ll show you how to burn off ugly love handles, firm up your abs, make your arms huge and powerful, build up stamina and help change your life forever! All of this without fancy gym equipment,steroids, steaks, pills or powders. Hey...don’t forget the ladies! Not just for the men, this is ideal for anyone of an adult age. Did Samson do drugs, did Hercules need fancy trainers… You’re never going to run any faster with £300 trainers!"


  Charles Bronson

Serialised in a national newspaper for four days. The OFFICIAL Charles Bronson guide to who's who in the underworld and beyond. Legends that Charlie feels deserve space in this A-Z guide of Criminals and those connected in some way to them. This  guide covers Scotland, Wales, Ireland, England and the USA, amongst others.

This page last updated 27th January 2003