Dave gets Thai'd up with Fish


Dave's at it again but this time he's had a belly full!


Dave Courtney met up with his old friend Mark Fish in Scunthorpe whilst on business. Dave is an old friend of Mark's and regularly visits Mark & Marisa's Thai-Takeaway THE ROYAL ORCHID - Marsden Drive, Scunthorpe.

Whilst driving along the motorway on his way up North, Dave's belly rumbling with hunger, he knew just where to go. So being a flash bastard he decided to do a Mark and put his foot down to 130 mph, he was at The Royal Orchid in no time.

On arriving Dave could see by the look on Marks face his mate had been up to something. Dave wouldn't have been surprised to see the local council ranting and raving at the latest joke Mark had played on them. If he's not playing in their flowerbeds he's parking to close to the curb with his new inventions.

Dave takes his seat and sits back to enjoy his favourite Thai dish, Stir Fried Thai Rice, Noodles with King prawn and Homemade Sweet & Sour Sauce:-No 91 on the Royal Orchid Menu! Mark joins him on his new flash seats (He deals in furniture as well) for a drink.

They are soon laughing their heads off and the stories are rolling out of what they have been up to since they last met. As Dave say's "It's a bloody long way to go for a take-away, but well worth it".

If any of you are ever in Scunthorpe, look up Mark at The Royal Orchid, it's a meal fit for a King!



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