Letter 23/11/04


Hello People,

I am trying my best to get the site up and running, back to its original standard. Please bear with me for a little while, and if anybody fancies sending in a story on any fucking thing, accompanied by photos or flyers, and cuttings about me and them, send it in and I will stick it in for you, send a stamp addressed envelope and I will send the photos back to you. That goes out to everybody I know who I have met, while out and about, I am really, really, flat out busy at the moment and I am trying to write 3 books at once, and carry on with every day stuff, and I have the busiest house you have ever seen. I aint got time to shag let alone do the website, and I am truly sorry for that, so if anyone can help by sending in bits and pieces, then send them in quick, it don't matter how long ago, and the clippings I am starting to stick up all tell a story, I will warn you there is a lot of them. They show what has been happening in my life, to me at that time. I think they are really funny and very informative, I have also got a lot of new merchandise going on from Samurai Swords, to bottles of Dave Courtney Brandy.

This being done by a pal of mine called Steve, who is going to be doing a bit for me on the site, he's a friend of my Ria and owns a Martial Arts Weapons Shop, in Chatham, ring Ria for address and contact details, and as you know I have got Steve Parnell back in the drivers seat again, and I am relying on him to do the business for me again, and keep my site the best one out there. and if it aint fucking tell him not me ok.

I know jack shit about the fucking things, I will tell ya what is happening on the Genson front so far, he is still in Feltham, and I don't know why really to be honest, and I will tell you why, he has had 2 of the charges dropped, by the persons involved, and the last case which was at Camberwell Youth Court on Monday was thrown out of court, because when the police was asked to produce their evidence, they actually never had any, it was just a lot of bollox, to help them put Genson away, and to make him look bad to the Judge, and the public for their own reasons. When they asked for the finger print results on the burglary Genson was supposed to be involved with, they admitted they hadn't even sent them off to be analyzed, they had just took it for granted they were Genson's, fucking unbelievable I know, but please check in anyway you can, and that's not the best bit, the police officer himself, said in court under oath, that the 5 witnesses didn't even write a statement, for him or did he even take notes in his note book about any of the conversations with any of them, he was just going to recall it by memory,and there was Genson's blood on the outside of a window, but a completely different window, of the building that had been smashed to get in and Genson had explained all this in his statement, and did actually work there occasionally which the police had forgot to mention in their statements, ha ha, how about that,naughty or what, have you ever heard anything so bizarre. Anyway the Judge said he had heard enough and just dismissed the case, so that's 3 cases all ready thrown out before he gets there.

So I think he would have been give bail if his second name wasn't Courtney, poor little fucker, and I am sorry to him for all that. I really am, as I told you last time, I had hoped it was going to be the thing that started Jen talking to me, instead of what she is doing, and hopefully a compromise on the very harsh decision to not allow me to see Courtney, for over 2 years and as she said to me on our last talk never ever again, so to say it didn't go well is an understatement, if you know what I mean. It started a fire in Angela and Jennifer to start being a pain in the arse again, i did know that they wouldn't stop after the court case, i am still the one they blame for having to hide there relationship, and I can completely understand why they will always hate me and I can't mend that, if I wanted to, and it has took me a lot of different women talking to me about how a woman would feel, if that was done to them, and it had ruined a relationship, that Jen felt serious enough to do that to the kids, and me for and hows she could never forgive me for doing that to her and would stay a mortal enemy, of mine for as long as he lives, and I now understand it a lot better, but it don't make it any easier, for me when she rings me and Taz, constantly screaming abuse, and knowing my phone is being monitored, strange that, and I am afraid I am going to have to bring up again every thing I said about what she was doing, who she was doing it for and I think I can now give you enough proof to show what was happening, in that case, and I also am guilty of sort of getting everybody else, that got affected by Jen's actions, not just mine, and I know I have said before about how Jen tried to put Brendan in prison, well I was not aware how strongly he felt about all this and in a conversation with her brother I saw just how he feels about what she done to him, and the owner of the club near me, had to stop all David's ( Jen's brother) parties, he had arranged, there because he didn't know he was anything to do with Jen, and I am getting the blame for that and it is fuck all to do with me. I can't honestly say I am gutted about it, if you know what I mean Jen told my friend that I walked into a trap when Angela sued the Sunday Sport, and that Steve McFadden's people had helped in stopping any press about the pair of them when it got to hard for the police to do , once I made it public on my site, and they planned to settle out of court, in there favour without consulting the journalist that done the story, and despite the over whelming evidence and photos proving the story so that no other paper could do any story on it, or they would be sued, as well, that is until the result of the case, and by then it would be old news and east to keep out, and that is exactly what they did, and it was used by Jen in court in her defence that Jen and Angela were not partners and she had not left me to live with Angela and I truly feel that the face the 12 people on the jury, half of them women, only took such a little time to fine me not guilty and that say that she must of been, if she has been found out to be the one lying in this case, and wasn't then if what she was saying about her and Angela as lies and what I was saying about what happened, with her and Angela, while I was in hospital is found to be true then please tell me how Jenny and Angela have an argument, and she had all the help in the world, from the other lot to help her, with that one, after the visit to the police station it all changed if you remember, and I have now got proof that links the Social Services, with the Drue incident and the Jen incident and the Genson incident, and the Brendan and Eamon incident, and I said it all in advance in my letters on the old web site, bless it's little heart, and I will always love you for that, Malcolm who has got shit loads of work since leaving my site, and hopefully using my site as a C.V., and i miss you mate, because you know me better that 99 % of the people I know, don't you.

I am not saying I have got an axe to grind but if I got a lot of paperwork to prove my point and it's not me that's carrying on with all the bollox, them I am entitled to show you, and I have come under some very heavy criticism about opening old wounds in public, but although I don't really want to and would prefer to let it all lie, I feel I have no choice now they have started it all up again, believe me when I tell you I have loads going on in my life, at the moment and a lot of it involves the site, and I don't need these business people seeing I have an ex wife on the rampage with her lover, do I,.

I have sent Steve Parnell a few letters to stick on the site on the story of the Jen and Dave split page, and he's got to stick them in the right places according to the date on them, and the court wasn't allowed to see most of them, for one reason or another, but I would like you to see them, and did I tell you, I went up to see my pal Mike in Middlesborough, and his partner Jeff, in the film company, they are the people doing the Six Bend Trap film, that starts in March, and I am telling you, it is the fucking best story I have ever read in script form, it is so funny and quick and clever, I love it and you will love it,believe me you will,I hope you have all got the video I have out by now called Dave Courtney Now, and if not why not?

I am also getting Stevie Parnell to put up lots of old fliers and posters, and I intend to put a little story under everyone as soon as I can, once again please bear with me, I am also putting on my site a link to my sons site, and there you can hear, and buy his C.D's and I am telling you there well fucking hot, and if you are into that kind of garage mix, R&B mix, and drum and base mix, I have got to tell you I am in night clubs 5 nights a week and know my fucking music, as it happens. I am proud to bits of my boy, Beau, and his very special ability to do what he does on the decks, he's special and it is only a matter of time before he is snapped up by someone big, and well deserved so as well. If anything being my son had not always been a bonus and he has got where he is on his own merit, and he is proper good, and I will show you some paper work on how my Beau went into a vets and said ' stick em up ' with a water pistol, and was nicked for drunk and disorderly, until the found out his name was Courtney, and changed the charge to attempted robbery with a fire arm, ha ha, honestly that's true.

I am being told about all the Dave Courtney on the Ebay site, I am going to do some of that soon with a to of stuff of mine before I fuck off to the States, which Jen seems to think she has fucked for me with the help of the police, we got married over there, she forgets I am allowed in, I am famous for getting not guilty, remember, ha ha.

I have got to say a very big sorry to Maria for not making her birthday up in the castle, but we were told you were snowed in up there, and I never made it but I am sorry babe really I am, and the bath in the middle of the room sounded so fucking wicked, forgive me.

A big hello to Mr Fish, for just being Mr Fish, and to Les who is paying for being my friend, to Dazz for being everywhere for me with Mark.

A very special thanks to Kate and Jerry, for running my other site and to Ria for running all sorts of shit for me and to Storm for running me at home, and a big one goes to the lady herself Donna Cox, who at the moment is building her family a new house, and is sorely missed by me at my side in the team as you all would be if you weren't with me, I salute you, all of you, they got a job and a half trying to promote me with all the wall's the police put in, they way with everything. Such as the show I done in Birmingham last week, when both local papers who were excited an looking forward to reporting on the show, both rang on the same day and said they could not report anything about Dave Courtney what so ever and were told not to attend the show. Have a guess by who ha ha ha. Yes you were right, and I am really sorry for moaning about what they are being allowed to do to me, but when it affects other people as well, that fucks me off, and I'm sorry ok, I truly am.

My mate Bev, has just fell in love with the 8 legged kind, and has filled her house up with lot's of live fucking spiders that are just to, to big to be funny and the new thing she got me in the house to see was something out of Jurassic park, honestly it was, every colour you could think of on it's back and as big as a fucking saucer, not very nice at all, it definately stopped me ever visiting her again sorry babe, but 'wow'.

I am also in the process of sorting out a Big Brother set up in my own house, not one that would be on 24 hours a day, but for starters at set times of the day, is that a good idea or what, you know I want it on all the time, don't you, but everyone else is against that, but I am working on it, it would make the Osbourne's look pretty tame I think, and anyone who has been here will tell you, I have been in the company of the Big Brother and Get Me Out Of Here, programmes and they all say how the programme made them look a certain way, to the public by only showing them certain bits, and with all the material they had it was very unfair for them to portray to the public on bit of them and make the publics opinion of them go up or down, as to how they think fit, and that is exactly what the police do to people they camera up and bug there house for 2 years, and only show a jury a very small and unpleasant side that they may or not even be that persons normal side, and they to can make you look any way they want to with that much footage. The Big Brother lot is only for 6 weeks, the police put you under observation for 2 and 3 and 4 years, so what must they have, and the just is told by the judge at the start of every trial, that they must make there decision on the evidence they are allowed to be shown and nothing else, and then only show them the bits that are out of character, or only half the story of a situation that happened in your home, and they can criticize you just as they can on the television programme. The general public will all fall in as to what they do to people when secretly having them under surveillance like the Big Brother programme and i think they made a big mistake letting people see how it is done, we will have to wait and see.

I am also trying to find everyone who has the Jerry Sadovitch programmes on video, as I seem to have lost mine, so if you have copies of the shows please let me know , and I will get a copy off you, and a long time ago I was in a programme called The Paradise Club, with Lesley Grantham and I would love to have them on video if anyone has it, I would be very happy to pay you for them if necessary.

I am also on the look out for a few people to be on a doorman's training weekend and what they have to do to pass the S.I.U. test the government has enforced will be televised and turned into a documentary for next year, name and address and phone number on the 14th, 15th, and 16th of January at a venue in Woolwich SE18, it will cost you £175, so if you fancy a bit of that get in touch with me as quick as possible.

Lars Frederickson from Rancid will be coming to the Premiere of the film which will be on the 30th of January I have been told. Lars has told me how popular my track is on there latest album, I am a fully fledged and accepted part of a group of people that changed the music world, the punk's and I am proud of it, I am a skin to the bone (forgive the pun) ha ha, and the date for the Hell To Pay launch has been made and the Punk contingent of my live will be there represented by the 2 punks themselves Steve Whale from The Business, and Lars from Rancid, the big surprise for me was that Robbie Williams himself will be coming to the premiere with Max, mainly because his dad is in my film, he plays a copper who nicks me at home, and although I would like to say he was coming because he is a big fan of mine as I am his, but it aint that at all I am gutted to say




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