Reunion With Dave Courtney OBE - 27 years on!


We all had best mates at school.

"One of mine was Dave Courtney" says Jerry.

We lost touch after leaving school and the next time I heard of Dave was on a TV documentary about debt collectors! I remember thinking 'it can't be. But it was!!'

I had often recounted stories of my school antics and talked about Dave to my family and there he was, bold as brass, on TV!

Unbeknown to me, my wife tracked Dave down, I was surprised when my wife told me that she had spoken to Dave and that he was waiting for me to call him back.

I rang Dave and as I spoke to him I realized that nothing had changed, the good friendship we had was still there. Before I knew it, Dave invited the family and I up to 'Camelot'.

After a 70-mile drive from the South coast we arrived at 'Camelot' about 11am and it was worth every mile. Dave invited us in and made us feel very 'at home' We had made other plans for the afternoon in London, to check out the old haunting grounds, but ended up staying with Dave and his family for the day!

After catching up on all the lost years, we discovered that we had more in common than either of us realized, despite our differing paths since leaving school. Dave is as funny, charming and witty now as he was all those years ago and still remembered I owed him one day's dinner money! Bastard still doesn't miss a trick!

My nine year old son, Ben, was thrilled to bits to meet Dave and really took to him. Dave was great with the kids and it was clear that he was a natural with children and an excellent Dad.

Jen was equally charming and naturally took our teenage daughter under her wing and within 20 minutes she took Mel out shopping for an hour or so. Our kids are now putting the 'feelers' out for new godparents, I wonder who???

Thanks Dave & Jen!

Dave is as generous as ever, supplying our kids with lots of goodies, mostly promotional!!! Dave & Jen even invited us out to a rave that night, but sadly we could not go. Next time for sure!

Before we left, Dave posed with the family for some pictures and they turned out better than anyone could have imagined. Who else but little Ben could hold a gun to Dave's head and still live?! Mind you, Ben looks more worried than Dave!

All in all, a great day thanks Dave & Jen and yes I'm on my way to do the extension! (interest on the dinner money Lol)

See you soon.




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