Well, our old friend Mark Fish is always up to something. It appears that he has been
unintentionally getting up the nose of Harrods owner Mohamed al Fayed.

At the start of this year Mark repainted one of his vans. But he inadvertently used the famous Harrods font.

Unfortunately, Harrods boss, Mohamed al Fayed, was less than amused when someone brought it to his attention. Mark received the following letter from Harrods' solicitors, D Young and Co, threatening legal action. Mark wrote to them saying that his middle name was Harold so he was perfectly entitled to call his company "Harolds of Hemswell", but offered to change the background colour. Another letter from Harrods' solicitors arrived, so Mark, after speaking to Dave about it, decided that he should do the "right thing" and removed the logo ...

... and changed it to this, using a different font and background colour

In the meantime, the story had made the local papers.

Mark sent me these photos way back in April of this year, so he was quite surprised when he recently received further threats of action based on photos that "someone" had sent to Harrods of the old design, purporting to be taken recently. Mark's reply is characteristically blunt.

Watch this space for further developments.


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