20th December 2008

Left Hooks and Dangerous Crooks

Everyone is talking about Tel Currie's 'LEFT HOOK'S and DANGEROUS CROOKS' again on Apex. It's courage to tell the truth has caused controversy in what is the best book I have read for ages. If you ignore both books you will miss out on a huge chunk of underworld history. Don't forget, Tel is one of, if not the most connected men I have ever met and has been for years so ALL these stories are first hand... AND TRUE! With contributions from Roy 'PRETTY BOY' Shaw (written the foreword), Ronnie Knight, Freddie Foreman, Charlie Richardson, Paul Ferris, Wilf Pine, Ronnie Biggs, Howard Marks, Carlton Leach and tons more to be found at and pre-ordered from Amazon HERE.

Ronnie Biggs is over the moon with the new book from Tel Currie & Mike Gray published by Apex. A letter was sent to author Tel Currie, it reads:

Dear Tel,
Many thanks for your letter and clippings; first let me say a big thank you to you and Mike Gray. You really just can't comprehend how much it meant, it's given me a new lease of life, I had it read out twice to me. It's given me strength and assurance that I will finally be free soon. My heart goes out to all of you and the best of luck with our promotions. I am proud of you all, I'm not forgotten and have good friends and family out there working hard to get me released. This day I am 10 years younger, I have a new spirit inside me. Thank you.
Love, light and peace to you both,

Of course, Ronnie cannot speak or write but dictates to a friend using an alphabet chart and signs it off.

**** The book will be published on 6 February 2009, priced at £9.99 in hardback.Pre-orders are flying out so don't wait! Check out

Tel is also in the papers AGAIN!

An ex-boxer who co-wrote a book on Ronnie Biggs, The Great Train Robber, believes the man has served his time and is hoping to see him released next April.

Tel Currie co-wrote Ronnie Biggs - The Inside Story on apex which he had hoped would help free him.

Mr Currie has been inspired in his fight by a recent visit to HMP Norwich, where Biggs is being held, by his co-author, Mike Gray, and publishing manager Chris Cowlin.

He said: "I heard it was a very encouraging visit and that Ronnie was very heartened by it.

"We have tried to raise the public awareness about Ronnie, I believe he has served his time and I described his condition in a radio interview as like keeping a cabbage in jail".

"It sounds horrible, but he can't walk and can barely talk, and he deserves to be able to move on in his life."

Mr Currie feels Biggs was made the scapegoat for the Great Train Robbery in 1963, in which over £2.5m was stolen.

His role was allegedly a minor one yet he is still in prison over 50 years later.

Tel added: "If no one does anything, I fear he will just be forgotten and rot in prison.

"He was described as the tea boy of the robbery, yet he received one of the harshest sentences.

"One of the worldıs top defence lawyers, Giovanni Di Stefano, has now taken up Ronnie's case and things are starting to happen already.

"Being in prison is supposed to be about rehabilitation and change, not revenge. This man was about 30-years-old when he went to prison, he is now almost 80.

"It's pointless using tax payer's money to keep him in there any longer."


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