Letter from Tel Currie


5th November 2006

Hello all, Tel Currie here.

First off, apologies regarding updates on the Roy Shaw site. I'm not doing Roy's site anymore, I actually handed over control of the site some time ago but things didn't turn out well between certain parties, so as a result, it lays abandoned (But not unloved I'm sure). I loved doing Roy's site for four years but felt it would now be better cared for by someone else.

I urge all of you that actually know the truth from the propaganda to spare some time and thought to our dear friends Ronnie Biggs, Charlie Bronson and that Great man Joey Pyle snr. As you may well know, Ron is still in HMP Belmarsh for sitting on a grass verge as the junior party watching an UNARMED robbery of surplus banknotes heading for the incinerator FORTY THREE YEARS AGO!!

Ron is still in Belmarsh despite being in his seventies,suffering countless strokes,loss of speech, being fed through a tube in his stomach and being confined to a wheel chair for the most part (... escape risk?)

Charlie B of course is still in the cages of Wakefield prison, miles away from his family in West Yorkshire. I have been there countless times and it never fails to make me physically sick to find most of the others in 'Monster Mansion' receiving open visits with children running about. As this lovely little collection of ghouls includes Ian Huntley, Victor Miller and Roy Whitting (the scum that killed little Sarah Payne) this set up is very disturbing ... as is the whole system! Charlie is doing life without a date for taking a teacher hostage who was unharmed seven years ago. Even the screws don't know why Charlie's in 'Monster Mansion' when he has never killed so much as a sausage!

This week, I received a letter from Charlie with an article about his former solicitor Richard Mallett. In this little PR piece Malletts are described by lawyer.com as having represented Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs and MURDERER Charles Bronson!!??!

As I watched Mallett unsuccessfully representing Charlie at his Old Bailey appeal a couple of years ago you would think he would know if his ex client was a killer or not. I think someone, somewhere owes Chaz and his family a whopping public apology. Charlie recently strongly objected to a killer of a fourteen year old girl being moved in the cell next door. Charlie Bronson has extremely strong principles when it comes to these people and told the bloke so. The guy in question got straight on his buzzer and was moved away to another cell. Charlie Bronson will not tolerate those who hurt our children, yet is stuck in a prison full of them. Then, when his patience snaps with these types they say he's a nutter!

Charlie's birthday is on December 6th, do send him messages of humour and support.

I would like to send a massive message of respect for Joey Pyle Snr. Joe (who has done a lot more good, especially for children, than he ever has bad in his eventful life so far) is not a well man, as anyone who attended his special night back in February will know. Dave Courtney worked his arse off to make that night a goer as all the chaps did. I don't think the night would have gotten off the ground without Dave. I know both DC and I are eternally grateful for having Johnny Nash, Wilf Pine and Carlton Leach on the end of the phone whenever we needed some support. It was Joe's birthday last Thursday and I am happy to report this man's spirit is still made of kryptonite!

Like Ron and Chaz, this soul is not for breaking. Joe remains as inspirational now as ever and remains much loved by every type of folk most of who he has helped in some way over the years.

It was also our great pal Albert Chapman's birthday last week. Albert is one of the very rare diamonds left and has the highest respect from the most respected (Roy Shaw and Freddie Foreman were just two who made it to Brum for Albert's do).

Please let me say hello to the lovely Wendy Lambrianou, whose spirit in adversity did everyone proud. Finally this little piece wouldn't be complete without remembering Tony and Nicky Lambrianou and Laurie O'Leary.

As you have probably had enough of me now I will leave by saying please remember the system is NOT always right, criminals are NOT all the same and their friends and supporters are NOT all criminals.

Tel Currie



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