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Statement by Dave Courtney, given 30th August 2006: "I have just received this letter through the post. I was not sure whether to believe it or what to do about it but in the end I have decided to take it face value, taking Chris the Greek at his word, that he will not be in London again. If I see him in London, specifically anywhere near the London Palladium, there will be HELL TO PAY! Meanwhile, I would therefore like to ask anyone who has any thoughts on the matter of Chris the Greek to drop them now and to join me in helping all of Joe Longthorne's team to make this a night to remember. It goes without saying that we wish Joe all the best and hope he continues in good health. We will all be turning up at the concert on Sunday 10th September and look forward to watching Joe's fantastic singing performance as well as supporting our red-hot comedy star Adrian who will be performing alongside the great Johnnie Casson. Tickets are available on 0870 890 1108 or online at"

26th August 2006


Dear Dave

This isn't an easy letter to write, but the time has come for me to face the consequences of my actions. I have to say that all this has broken my heart.

I am writing this letter to apologise to you, Narina and Courtney for any distress that I may have caused. I am deeply sorry for any act on my part that may have represented a violation or transgression of the ladies' privacy. There have been other claims of actions of a similar nature, for which I also apologise. The truth is that I have always had difficulties relating to women and I am currently undergoing counselling to try and sort my head out. There are many men who could benefit from psychological help and none of us should think that we are too big to go back and try to understand what makes us tick inside, where many of us are just frightened little boys. Sometimes that fear comes out in irrational anger and we might react in a way that we deeply regret. I want to apologise to any woman who ever feels that I have hurt her in any way or behaved in an aggressive manner. I am genuinely trying to change and learn techniques for anger management. All I can say is that I sincerely believe that all violence towards and violation of women is 100% wrong. It does not surprise me Dave that you would rush to the defence of women, I know how much you respect them and this is the right and proper thing to do.

I know that you always want to see justice and you feel that I should be punished because of these charges against me. As you know, I am not fit enough to travel at present, although I respect your wishes. Although I do not believe that I am the monster you think I am, I am going to impose upon myself a voluntary penance - the most painful thing I could imagine and send myself into exile. My sweet London has been my home all my life, London is choked full of so many beautiful memories for me of dear friends and family who have passed on, of fantastic times with the chaps, as you know. Dave, I have made the decision to give up London forever and I will give you my word now that I will never enter London again for any reason. I plan now to follow a quiet, contemplative path, somewhere very far from there and continue with my counselling and work on my soul. I have never felt so lost as I have in the past few years. The pain that I feel having lost your love is worse than anything that you could ever do to me physically. I don't believe that I will ever recover from this.

All I can say, once again, is that I am sorry.




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