This is Jason “Pitbull” Pasquale, one of the world's leading fitness and nutrition experts. He's currently in the UK and part of what he is doing is acting as Dave's personal fitness trainer.

Jason is an assistant doctor who attended the University of Pennsylvania and Montgomery College. Early in his medical career he specialized in cardiac care and weight loss management and later moved on to sports nutrition and fitness. Born in Philadelphia, Jason currently divides his time between the USA, Poland, and the United Kingdom. An internationally recognized fitness expert, Jason has advised many top American and Eastern European professional athletes and is a performance consultant to several World’s Strongest man competitors. Well-respected for his scientific approach to fitness training and weight loss, Jason has enabled celebrity clientele in the entertainment and fashion industries to achieve the high standard of physical excellence that is required in their fields. A popular speaker at fitness expositions, Jason also conducts numerous seminars and private consultations. Using multimedia to introduce his innovative techniques to fitness enthusiasts throughout the globe, Jason is currently developing several television and publication projects in Europe.

Here's what Jason will be doing in the UK over the next several months:

  • Conducting fitness seminars throughout the UK

  • Working with several UK-based nutrition and fitness companies - doing promotions, commercials, etc. 

  • Making guest appearances on several UK TV shows


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