European Strongest Woman 2005
14th December 2005

By Gemma Taylor

WOW!!! So Poland it was for the European Strongest Woman competition. As I arrived at the rather mint hotel we were staying at, Colin, Matthew and my best friend Lucy, (Team Taylor) had already got to work on getting Aneta Florcyzk from Poland drunk on Blue Bols! I was so proud!! Then after trying to teach Aneta some Polish from my pocket Polish phrase book, Aneta was sent to bed by her coach!! Realising this was probably a good idea – as I hadn’t slept for two days, I followed!!!

The following morning we all got up at the crack of dawn to make sure hair and make-up was perfect (we were going to be meeting Mariusz Pudzianowski after all – got to make an effort!!) After my friend Colin Anderson had explained in only way the way Colin can, that the stadium we were competing in was ‘totally massive’ I was starting to get a little nervous. Then we were told that they weren’t actually joking when they said two events were outside in minus 25 degrees freezing coldness!!

First event: log for reps, it was 70kg. I had to beat Aneta’s totally huge 16 reps, I managed 14 but with two more cleans and a few more pressing attempts my triceps had decided to go on strike!! Came second in that.

Loglift  Duckwalk

Third in Conan’s Wheel, the freezing cold air definitely making that one difficult, or maybe could have been because it was fairly heavy and its not one of my better events!! Hahaha!! Then back to the hotel for a hot bath, some grub and a wonderful moment – one which I will treasure for ever – with my beloved mascot ‘Bruno Strong Dog’ and Mariusz Pudz, who was trying to tell me that Bruno is not real!!! Yeah right!?!?!?!?! Marius Pudz - A Dream Man to many women. Especially me!

Farmers   Conans

Back to the stadium that had now filled up with thousands of people. Went to get changed in the tent and tried to calm my nerves. I have found that getting changed surrounded by the top strongmen in the world is very good for this – totally chilled!!! Farmers walk managed just over 75m, Don’t think Aneta broke into a sweat actually doing her 100m!!!!!

Gemma takes the strain ...

... and makes it!

The Silver Dollar lift was totally super special for many reasons. First being Aneta blowing everyone away with an incredible 300kg – it was the most incredible thing I have ever seen – well one of them anyway, and because I managed to totally mullar my personal best by 30kg – Yippee!!!! By pulling 250kg!! I think this had something to do with the suit to be honest Instead of needing an hours rest after getting the thing on like normal, it went on quite easy!! Leaving me some energy to lift!! (and maybe the million people cheering!!!)

Gemma's injuryThen my little mishap souvenir injury came along! Medley, Yoke went fine, dropped it way over the line loosing time getting to the duck walk, waddled down the course only to drop the duck walk over the line on its far corner, thus making the duck walk wobble and then fall onto my foot making my ankle twist over, sending me flying and causing rather a lot of pain – not to moan!!! My foot is now black, ankle is 7 times bigger than the other one and throbbing. Going to get it x-rayed tomorrow!


Ice at one came flying at me, as Jarek asked me to sing a song!! Anything for Jarek Dymek!!!! even if I was in pain and I could have sounded like a cat being strangled I hopped out to take centre stage for a good ole rendition of Merry Xmas Everyone!!! Jarek asked me if I wanted to continue with my foot being hurt, and after the way that we had been treated like rock stars, had a totally incredible time in and out of competition and the fact that it was the Europeans - how could I not!! So strapped my healing crystals (Blue Lace Agate, Orange Carnelian and Amethyst) to my foot and ended up coming second!! Wahoo!!!! Incredible end to an incredible weekend with Europes best strong women!!!! Awesome Awesome Awesome!!! Thank you Poland once again!!!! Yippeeee!! (ow ow ow - off to hospital!!!)

Results - Europeans Strongest Woman 2005

1. Log Lift for reps 70kg
I Aneta Florczyk - 16 reps
II Gemma Taylor - 14
III Kati Luoto - 8
IV Anki Öberg - 7
V Heini Koivuniemi - 2
VI Lilian Matonina - 1

2. Conans Wheel
I Aneta Florczyk - 1080 degrees
II Heini Koivuniemi - 1020
III Gemma Taylor - 775
IV Kati Luoto - 705
V Anki Öberg - 660
VI Lilian Matonina - 350

3. Farmers for distance 90kg each hand
I Aneta Florczyk - 100 m
II Heini Koivuniemi - 81,20
III Gemma Taylor - 76,70
IV Kati Luoto - 68,75
V Anki Öberg - 64,40
VI Lilian Matonina - 42,40

4. Silver Dollar Deadlift for Maximum Weight
I Aneta Florczyk - 300 kg
II Anki Öberg - 265
III Gemma Taylor - 250
IV Heini Koivuniemi - 240
IV Kati Luoto - 240
IV Lilian Matonina - 240

5. Medley: 200kg Super Yoke + 120kg Duck Walk
I Aneta Florczyk - 27,76 s
II Gemma Taylor - 29,48
III Anki Öberg - 37,93
IV Kati Luoto - 51,71
V Heini Koivuniemi - 62,88
VI Lilian Matonina - 78,59

6. Car Hold
I Aneta Florczyk - 40,52 s
II Gemma Taylor - 36,64 s
III Anki Öberg - 33,75
IV Heini Koivuniemi - 33,08
V Kati Luoto - 25,26
VI Lilian Matonina - 13,31

Overall Points
I Aneta Florczyk - 36 pts
II Gemma Taylor - 27 pts
III Anki Öberg - 20 pts
IV Heini Koivuniemi - 19 pts
V Kati Luoto - 17 pts
VI Lilian Matonina - 7 pts

A link to my friends video of the show - (Note from Mal: The video is 11.2 MB, so be prepared to wait a while if you're not on Broadband ... but after watching it I'd say it's well worth the wait!)

Gemma Taylor


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