Ex-lover blasts Square star in custody fight He wants legal protection to keep her away

Exclusive By Fiona Cummins Showbiz Reporter

STEVE McFadden's ex-lover branded him a monster last night as he fought for custody of their two young girls.

Devastated Angela Bostock claimed the EastEnders star was trying to portray her as an unfit mother.

Speaking exclusively about the case for the first time, she sobbed: "That man is not human. He's trying to take my children away from me.

"He is a monster. He is trying to undermine me. He wants to make me out as a bad mother and an unstable woman.

"I'm a fantastic mum. All I want to do is get on with my life and bring up my children. He's a bully who can't take the fact that his career is going downhill."

Angela, 29, insisted she would fight 46-year-old McFadden all the way.

She said: "All I'm trying to do is protect my daughters.

"He's in pantomime all over Christmas - how is he going to look after them?

"He gets his mother or cleaner to look after them. That is not a good father."

It is understood the pair will face each at a court in Holborn, Central London on Friday.

McFadden, who plays Albert Square hardman Phil Mitchell, is understood to be seeking a non-molestation order against Angela to prevent her assaulting him or coming anywhere near him.

He also wants sole care of 18-month-old Mollie and Teona, seven.

The child custody hearing is believed to be scheduled to start on December 7.

McFadden and Angela fell out spectacularly when she sold her story about his sordid "dogging" antics to a newspaper in the summer.

McFadden was publicly shamed over claims he forced her to have sex with strangers in car parks.

Since then, the couple have had a string of furious bust-ups.

Three weeks ago she punched him in the face in front of three police officers.

Angela claims McFadden drove her to hit him with his abusive taunts. She said he made her so angry she punched him in the head after he called her "fat and spotty".

She claimed: "He said I had no friends and I should have plastic surgery and he had more money than me.

"I've never hit anyone in my life but that day I had so much anger in me. All the emotions came out.

"What flashed before me was the last 10 years of my life - all the abuse, the aggression and everything he put me through."

The incident came after McFadden attempted to change the locks on a garage at the home in North London they used to share.

Friends claimed Angela had tried to break into the lock-up where he stored belongings.

In August she was arrested for allegedly breaking into his home. It was claimed she and a friend took a video cassette and other property from the house but the case was later dropped.

McFadden met Angela at a party in Salisbury 10 years ago. They split when he began an affair with EastEnders co-star Lucy Benjamin.

Their romance ended and he went back to Angela, who later became pregnant with Mollie.

McFadden demanded DNA tests to confirm he was the father.

He later revealed he had been seeing Angela for three years behind Lucy's back.

Last night a spokesman for McFadden declined to comment.



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