Europe's Strongest Woman Competition, Gdansk, Poland
12th November 2005

By Gemma Taylor

The competition was the best comp I have ever attended, so well run and with such great atmosphere. This opinion was shared by all the girls and we all, although we were all soooo nervous, had such a fantastic time.

The event started at 6pm, which I had never experienced before. It was a little strange, as we had to wait all day getting more nervous by the second, but in the company ended up having a real good laugh.

The comp itself was held on the same weekend as a big body building championship, but we had centre stage on the Saturday night. First event was 90kg Farmers for distance. The Polish girl Illana was very good at this and managed 3 laps, I went after her and managed 3 laps plus a turn which won me the event - by a whisker! Then I threw up - in the toilet!! Oh the nerves!!!!

Second event was the Log for reps: nice balanced log, the other polish girl, Aneta (not Aneta Florcyzk) who had previously been a weight lifter, banged out 6 good reps andI think a few other girls got 6 reps too. I managed the 7 to win (+2) - I was lucky and got to go last because of my previous win in the first event.

Third was the 230 kg Yoke: Illana was very, very fast, as was Anki Oberg from Sweden, but Illana had an unlucky incident and dropped it half way along. I know she had beaten Aneta Florcyzk in the Yoke in Polandís Strongest Woman - but I managed a win.

The Conanís Wheel: donít know the weight, as every Conanís is different, but they made us go anti-clockwise, which I'd never done before! No excuse I know, but have noted that must train Conanís both ways as they are very different - try it!! Totally sucked at this came second last!!!!

Illana won the Tyre Flip - an event that had been thrown in at the last minute instead of dead-lift. Heini came second I came third.

Sooooo... this meant that going into the last event both me and Illana were joint on points. It was a head to head 306 Car Lift Hold. Heini and Anki went head to head, Aneta and Kati went together and it was Illana and me, last, for the competition win. It couldnít have been any more nail biting!! So ... we picked which car we were to have. I totally focused, picked up the car, closed my eyes, locked out my knees and took myself away from everything. Then I heard Illana making noises so opened my eye really slightly and saw her really struggling and she dropped it, then someone told me the time. I knew I had to beat Heini's 27 seconds and this car felt gooooood!!! I had done it! I must admit I did let out a little squeal of excitement!! :)

It was such a fab competition! And I won THE BIGGEST TROPHEY I HAVE EVER SEEN - IT IS THREE FEET TALL!!! All the girls got beautiful trophies Ė but getting this three foot giant back from Poland was an event in itself! Stand in an airport with a very large trophy and everyone wants to know what you've been up too!! And I got lots of cheers from a stag do when I got back into the country as they serenaded me with Queens' ďWe are the ChampionsĒ as I walked through customs!!!!! ha ha ha!!

Going to try and find some pics, I know that it was getting filmed but not sure what for!!

An excellent weekend had by all!!

Gemma Taylor


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