An Audience With Dave Courtney
Saltburn, 8th October, 2005

Reviewed by Danny Dancaster ("Danny Boy" - Leeds)

What a Top Show at the Spa Hotel in Saltburn!

Sell out crowd. Fantastic atmosphere - a proper North Eastern welcome for Dave Courtney! And loads of money raised for the Charity, Sophie's Place. Who can complain at that!

The North of England is my home turf, so it was well "Worth the Ride" to the show in Saltburn on Saturday night! The fact I started my journey in Romford in Essex 300 odd miles away is a story for another day...

Saltburn region is where Dave has been filming his latest film "Six Bend Trap" [ Six Bend Link ] for the last few weeks, and therefore an ideal place to hold an "Audience With" show.

It was a cracking atmosphere all the way through the night. As a fellow Northerner, I expected nothing less than lots of great laughs, and many faces familiar to me in the audience. I got both, plus the chance to see DC in full flow on stage once more.

Let's be honest, the stage is DC's natural domain! Ranking slightly below being in front of the film cameras taking care of business in the film world of course...

DC doesn't just appear on film, he has a commanding, magnetic presence, which just reaches out of the screen and grabs you by the throat!

Watch his film "Hell To Pay" [ DVD Link ] and you will discover for yourself exactly what I mean. And then some...

It was just the same being in the audience on Saturday night. If you asked him a question you got his 100% attention - bang!

In return he demanded your 100% attention - fair deal in my book!

Dave has a high quality conversationalist style to his show, he recounts episodes from his past *so* vividly it's like you'd been stood right next to him at the time, and you're just sharing the memory over a beer, or three!

If you've read any of Dave's Books, including his latest "Fuck The Ride" & "Hero's and Villain's", then you will know exactly what I mean!

He was fair to everybody - everybody got a chance to ask a question, no matter whether they were die-hard fans, curious new fans, or the local "faces" and tough-nuts. They we're all there. 

Everybody got their books signed, posters signed, parts of their body signed etc. etc. People ask for signatures on the weirdest of places!

The women got a kiss, the blokes a handshake and everyone got a photo with the man himself.

Dave was in the bar with me and the misses and playing pool and sharing a drink or two with the audience before and after the show, as well as at the half-time interval! Just not the man to close himself off to the people who obviously love him so much. The Saltburnian's definitely know how to show their appreciation of a good night out... :-)

Lot's of money was raised for the charity Sophie's Choice by way of an auction and a raffle for various items of Dave Courtney memorabilia. A lot of people dug really deep into their pockets to make a difference with that one last Saturday night and DC and the people working with the charity say a big heart-felt "Thank You!" for your contributions.

On a personal note, Michael is the top man who "watches my back", and that of my family when we are away from home. Get this! He only asked Dave to sign the 12-week scan picture of his baby! Duly signed, the baby is due next February, so best of luck on that one from DC and myself!

You know what? Last Saturday night it ended up being just a hotel full of really happy , smiley people! :-) 

Just as I knew it would be... Touch! ;-)

So, get yer arse in gear and get to the next "Dave Courtney, ..An Audience With..." show, 'cos you missed out on a fucking blinder mate!

Cheers Dave, see you at the next one my friend!

Danny Dancaster
( Danny Boy - Leeds )  


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