Rich and Jayne's Saltburn Wedding



It was a few days before our wedding and we were making the final arrangements at the Spa Hotel in Saltburn for our civil wedding, when Rich noticed a guy who he thought he knew making a few enquiries. His suspicions were right: it was the legendary 'Dave Courtney'. Rich was amazed. He had read his books, watched films, one of his idols was at the Spa Hotel. How was I going to get him to speak to him?

Rich went over to the area Dave was standing in, but Dave was on the phone in deep conversation and didn't even notice Rich behind him, which was a bit of a let down for Rich.

I then asked Rachel, the hotel functions manager, if she could ask him to attend our wedding day, as this would really put the icing on the cake for us.

Sunday 2nd October arrived 'Our Wedding Day', and the marriage ceremony took place and then the photos as you do, then Rich disappeared. I looked around for him and I noticed he was in the bar speaking to Dave, his second wish of the day (1st that I would turn up , I hope!).

I saw Dave pass something over to Rich. I was intrigued so i went over. Dave had given us a wedding present (ah bless him). Rich opened the box to discover of a hand cast in welsh coal, a replica of Dave's hand.

Rich was over the moon with this gift. Then to top it all Dave agreed to have some photos taken with us on his pride and joy - his 'Harley'. The day was just so perfect.

Dave is such a gentleman, a star, we will never forget our wedding day ever.

Throughout the day Rich saw Dave several times. When Dave said to Rich "I like the waistcoat mate, lets have it!", well what does a man do when the legendary Dave Courtney asks for something ,..... you give him it, so Dave is now the owner of a hired waistcoat and he deserves it and we hope to see it on him one day.

Later that evening Dave and Storm entered our evening disco where they had a one dance then left.

Most of our guests finally left and we went into the bar once again where Dave came over to us and had a few drinks My friend, as cheeky as she is, then asked Dave for another favor, a signed novel of his Again he agreed, (thanks Allison). Also thanks Dave. (shame about the DVD we were promised though)

We met some interesting people that day/night and all of them were great. Thanks to them all we had a wonderful day and will always be in our memories,

More in our memories is the cost of the waist coat. We took the suits back and told them that we had the waistcoat taken from a chair (a small white lie). The robbing B*****ds charged us 60 quid. I often wonder if I had told them who is now the owner of it would they have charged us???!!!!

Anyway this concludes our short story and who knows? Maybe Dave will give us a ring sometime or we may meet him again, but till then

Thanks for everything you did, 
Love & Respect
Rich & Jayne



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