Review of : An Audience With Dave Courtney – The Orange House, Wigan.



DC’s Best Show So Far!

Dave on stage at The Orange House

By Danny Boy
Thursday, 28th April, 2005.

Danny Boy and DaveHe’s only gone and done it again! Dave Courtney’s “An Audience With…” show at in Wigan was a real barn-stormer!

The setting was the Orange House Bar & Club, a top quality location for this event. It was a full house, and Dave was on Top Form! If you weren’t there then you missed a fucking blinder mate!

Dave started off by introducing himself to the crowd, telling us about his background, and how difficult the police are making it for him to pursue many legit opportunities.

People asked Dave about some of the legendary exploits in his books - including the sword fight in the Chinese take-away, and his security management of Ronnie Kray’s funeral which caused the police to shine a very bright light on him.

He then moved onto how he got his O.B.E. and when he ran for Lord Mayor of London, as well as some of his experiences in jail.

The excited crowd also wanted to know how to avoid being arrested, and about his recent one month tour of America. They love him in the USA, and his books go for quite a lot of money there.

Pausing for half-time, Dave took the opportunity to sign books and posters for a long queue of his fans in the audience, as well as posing for photographs.

Getting back to business on stage, people wanted to know when his film Hell 2 Pay comes out (August), as well as his next book “F**K THE RIDE!” (being released at the 7th of July).

When Dave was asked how badly the police treat him and those around him he told us about when 12 policemen raided his house to arrest his 16 year old son, and about his phones and home being bugged. The crowd were shocked at this.

There were many laughs during the night, including when one woman even asked him what he was doing after the show! His reply was “You!”.

Dave told one particularly loud person to “Shut the fuck up!”. Pissing of Dave is not a very good idea – and the frightened man went back to the bar the next night to make sure that he wasn’t in any personal danger!

Dave told us who he thought side-swiped him and his Range Rover off the motorway a couple of years back, nearly killing him in the process. It was….. well you’ll have to read his next book “F**K THE RIDE!” to find out, won’t ya!

It’s fair to say that Dave has a magnetic stage presence, it sort of draws you in to what he is saying, his feelings and emotions further enhance the electric atmosphere in the room. Overall, the show was a fantastic experience, a great atmosphere, and it was well worth the ride up from London to get there!

So get your arse up to his next Audience With show!




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