The New York Post - March 2005


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March 17, 2005 -- ONE of England's most infamous former gangsters, "Dangerous" Dave Courtney, is coming to New York. Courtney, who once boasted of commanding an "army" of "500, 6-foot, flat-nosed geezers" and served several jail terms, claims he earned most of his wealth "through debt-collecting" but got out of crime when "the class went out of crime when the only crime left to do was drugs." The Dapper ex-con told PAGE SIX: "I'm reformed. I am clean and on the straight and narrow, but they'll never let me live my life in England. Even though I did my time, they will always try and get me. Only in America can a guy get a fair shake. I am here to make some money and sell my past." Courtney's movie, "Hell to Pay," which he produced, starred in and wrote, is "a Cain and Abel story with real live gangsters playing the parts they've always played." He says, "It's coming out in August and I even have a children's charity I set up." He wrote four best-selling books in England and hopes to write more in the U.S. Courtney who is free to go anywhere and has been to New York before plans to move here by Christmas.


March 27, 2005 -- DONNA and Dan Aykroyd, first-timers at Il Mulino, lunching on whole-wheat pasta with pesto with friend and music biz honcho Michael Klenfner ... ADAM Duritz, lead singer of Counting Crows, downing Coronas and checking out East Village rockers Flirt at 6's and 8's ... COUNTESS Cawdor of Scotland buying a pair of mink boots at the Elizabeth Charles boutique ... LEGENDARY British former gangster Dave Courtney at Niagara on Avenue A ... NFL MVP Peyton Manning dining at BLVD on the Bowery with his younger brother, Giant quarterback Eli, and New Jersey Devil legend Ken Daneyko ... THEODORA Richards, daughter of Patti Hansen and Keith Richards, celebrating her 20th birthday at Bungalow 8 with sister Alexandra, Ann Dexter-Jones and her spawn, Charlotte, Annabelle and Alexander ... KATIE Holmes and Famke Janssen distracting male patrons in the lounge at Pop Burger ... JIMMY Fallon cracking up the kitchen staff at Kelly & Ping Gramercy ... MARIO Vazquez, Tatum O'Neal, Carson Kressley, Alexander von Furstenberg and the Scissor Sisters celebrating Paper Magazine's annual "Beautiful People" issue at Temple, New York.




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