Here's a letter received from Dave's friend, Dan Roche.

17th August 2004

Hello matey,

How things. I have been a pal of Dave's for many years and occasionally pop round to have a bit of a drink up and a chat. Anyway, I popped round to Dave's lastnight (10 - 8 - 4) with a couple of friends of mine. We arrived at around 8ish, just after Dave had a bit of drama with the old bill and had to go to the station cos they "fucked him" and "lied" to him as usual. (thats another story)

Anyway's to cut a long story short, I left at 1am this morning, jumped into my car with my two pals and a free-lance photographer named James who was at Dave's. I offered to drop James back to Bethnal Green. There was plenty of traffic coming back through the Blackwall tunnel, so I was not noticable and wasnt doing anything wrong anyway. Just after I dropped James off in Whitechapel, I was pulled over by three under-cover old bill and had my Car searched (thoroughly) and was questioned as to where I had been and where I was going. Now to make matters even better, I had Dave Courtney posters, a Dave Courtney book and a few bits and pieces that Dave had given me. Now call me paranoid, but it was 1.30am and there was absolutely no reason in the world for me to get pulled over as there were plenty of cars on the road and they just happened to pick me, for supposedly jumping a "RED LIGHT" !! (I have to produce my driving documents in 7 days, and will with a huge smile !)

What a load of bollocks.

Mate, but a blinding night was had again by myself, Brad Evans, Bluey Fearon, Storm, H, Steve and Dave.

take care, and keep on keepin'on.

Dan Roche.



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