Here's a letter just received from mine and Dave's very good friend, Wolves Paul.

2nd August 2004

Well here goes, Just back from an excellent week at Daveís house. Myself and brother Jase had been invited to spend some time with Dave, to accompany him on various magazine photo shoots and meetings concerning the signing of another 3 books and DVD deal. I knew after previous stays with Dave over the years (and the marathon that was the Scunthorpe Event) what to expect. Life in the fast lane - Courtney style.

As per usual, we were followed around by a film crew for an upcoming documentary on Daveís lifestyle. Itís hard to keep up with the man who at times seems to be at full speed all day every day. After a week of clubbing and partying we were looking forward to the weekends events: Gillingham first on the Saturday, a very warm and sunny day, perfect or so we thought. We set off, with Dave and Taz on the Harley and us in convoy with the film crew. Now this is where we enter the strange twilight zone, We met up with Rhia, who set the event up, using the only date the authorities would give her. This turned out to clash with a mega party organised by the local radio station, so we did not get the turn out expected. Strange coincidence there me thinks, and when we were greeted by the local plod the plot thickened. Dave was his helpful self offering them signed posters and books. They were not amused.

Still, over 150 people turned up and Dave made sure they enjoyed themselves, giving out rides on his Harley and posing for numerous photos and book signings. Later on, when Dave appeared with a load of supersoaker water guns, did the event really take off. A massive water fight - and a few people got to say they were shot by Dave Courtney and laughed to tell the tale.

Paul & Jase's Jag loaded down with a giant knuckleduster at Gillingham,
Dave and Taz's helmets on the ground

We then went back to Daveís for a quick change, then on to Brentford. With around one hour to go Dave received a call to say the event had been cancelled. The reason given was that the police would not issue a drinks licence to the club, and the manager informed Dave that he had to offer over 500 refunds to those who had brought tickets. This was the first Dave had heard of the matter!

We decided to go to the venue to see what was happening. We arrived to be met by a police helicopter hovering over us and around 500 people had turned up, so management went ahead with the event. After the showing of a totally re vamped HELL TO PAY, Dave was given a standing ovation from the crowd. Dave was well chuffed and carried on to entertain for over an hour. With the success of the showing behind us and despite attempts to ruin the night, we headed off to the ministry of sound to party on with Dave in joyous mood, getting back to Daveís around 6am Ö. Completely knackered.

I would like to thank Dave and Taz for once again looking after us,

Party on people.



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