A little human interest story about the day that Dave helped an agoraphobic lady out.

17th July - While Dave was at the Crimestoppers event in Trowbridge, Wiltshire he was told of a lady in in the town who suffers from agrophobia. Dave was told that Tracey was a 'number one fan' of his and really wanted to meet him, but could not get to the park because of her condition. Dave, being the sort of man he is, decided to go and see her at her house. She was amazed when she opened her door and saw Dave standing there! They had had tea and a chat and then Dave told her to get her coat on as he was taking her back to the party in the park. We didn't know if she would be able to make it or not but with Dave's help and her determination she made it to the park and even managed to stay for part of the day and enjoy herself.

You can imagine agrophobia sufferer, Tracey Fluhrer's surprise
when she opened the door to find her hero, Dave Courtney OBE
standing on her doorstep.

(Thanks to Kate & Jerry at knuckleduster.org for the photo)

A few days later I received an email from Tracey, as follows:

Hi Mal,

I have just got my local paper and hoped that the pics that the reporter took of myself and Dave in Trowbridge park on Sat 17th July would have been printed but there was not even a mention of his name. So have written a bit of a shitty letter to the editor hopefuly they will print that. say hi to Dave for me still getting over the shock. Hope to here from him soon.


Then I received a copy of her letter to the editor:

Letters to the Editor

I purchased your paper on Friday 22nd July as I thought that there would be a 
picture and maybe a write up about myself and Dave Courtney O.B.E.

I thought that your paper had a human interest side, but I must have been 
mistaken. Trevor Porter took some photo's of which I thought may appear as it 
was explained to him that I suffer from agroaphobia and it was the kindness of 
Dave that had actually got me into the park that day.

On Saturday 17th July, I was at home when there was a knock on my door and to 
my delight and surprise Dave Courtney O.B.E. was standing there. He had heard 
that I suffer from agroaphobia and that I am a big fan of his, when he heard this 
he decided that he would come and see me and try to get me to the park. After 
we had, had a cuppa and a chat he asked me to get my coat and helped me to the 
car. he stayed with me and made me feel very safe. To me this is the mark of a 
real Gentleman, as not many would go out of their way to help a fan like this.

This is why I thought that there may have been a picture and even a write up, but 
no! Is this maybe because of his criminal past, or did you run out of room in 
your article where not even his name was mentioned. Yet there was mentions of 
those who did not appear. I hope that this letter will show that Dave also has a 
caring side and not just looked upon as an EX CRIMINAL.

I would love to here your reasons for this hopefully in this weeks copy of the 
Wiltshire Times.

Tracey Fluhrer 
(Dave Courtney Fan)

Tracey had a good point. It was an excellent human interest story for the paper concerning one of the biggest names attending the show performing an act of kindness. They did, however, mention that Michelle Gayle, Carly Hillman or Jennifer Ellison DID NOT turn up.


A worrying development. I received the following email from Tracey on 10th August 2004:

Hi Mal

well I don't think that the local police were very impressed with my letter to the local rag. I was at home on 5th aug and heard that my daughter's house was being raided I ran round there to find 7 officers turning my daughters house over and when I asked what was going on they pointed at the poster of Dave and said it was because of him, now maybe I'm being a touch paranoid but since meeting Dave the shit seems to be hitting the fan but they can do what they will as I will NEVER change my feelings for Dave. will send you the warrant and pace letter though the post

Tracey from Trowbridge




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