This is a letter Dave wrote recently to Detective Inspector Karl Amos.
If you remember, Amos was the officer who took over the Dave/Jen ABH case
in his capacity as head of a police domestic violence unit.

To My Old Pal, Mr Amos D.I.

How are you mate? I cant tell you how fucking gutted I was to hear about your recent troubles with your wife and I just wanted to offer my support in what must be a very stressful and embarrassing time for you, and if you would like me to help you in any way at all please don’t hesitate to ask, I am always here for you. It is good to talk. I would be willing to attend court if necessary to give you a character reference, if that would help you. I know just what you are going through, as I was in a very similar situation my self not long ago. But thankfully for me I was found not guilty. I always had faith in the great British Justice system, anyway I am off now to stick your newspaper story on my website, www.davecourtney.com. Just in case you forgot it, and I will be following your case very carefully and reporting on your progress.

I am very pleased for you that you are getting your fare share of press, as you must remember I had a much harder time trying to get them to write anything at all. Anyway you had any news on the promotion yet? OK, talk to you soon, give my love to your lady, if you see her before I do, I am glad you decided to use a solicitor in the end, as I think you’re in a proper bit of shit with this one.

Nice photo’s though ha ha

Dave Courtney O.B.E

See more explanation in the other article on this matter HERE.



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