When "Top Man" Mark Fish throws a party, he throws everything at it, and Scunthorpe was no exception.

Dave went up to the Comet Hotel in East Common Lane, Scunthorpe, do do An Audience With that had been organised by Mark along with landlord and landlady Adi and Tracey. Dave's friends came from the four corners of Britain to join in what promised to be one of the major events of the year ... well, with Mark at the helm that's always going to be the case. The party kicked off with 60 bottles of Möet being consumed, An Audience With that went down blindingly and festivities that went on until six in the morning, when everyone relocated to a club that opened at six for the local night workers to unwind. You can imagine their surprise when almost a hundred great big geezers turned up to carry on the fun. Needless to say, when Mark Fish is involved there are always a lot of very attractive women in the frame, so the fun was guaranteed ... so I understand! Everyone I have spoken to says it was a blast.

The party went from bar to club to bar and went on for two and a half days! Mark says "I'd just like to thank all the Chaps who came for a really top time and I intend to carry on the party on June 1st at the premier of Hell To Pay in London. Special thanks to Adi and Tracey at the Comet Hotel, top people."

The gang's all here (click to see a larger pic)
Adi and Tracy (guv'nors of the Comet Hotel) with Dave (click to see a larger pic)

Dave and Adi
Notts Ben, Tracey, Brendan and Micky Goldtooth
Dave and a couple of the fans at the Comet Hotel
Notts Ben, Adi and Micky Goldtooth
Letter from Tracy & Adi (Comet Hotel)
(click to see a larger pic)
Letter from Bondz Wine Bar
(click to see a larger pic)



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