Mark Fish. What can I say about this man? Well, I could start by saying that he's an entrepreneur. He buys and sells, but on a grand scale. He buys factories and retail outlets and sells everything from furniture to ethnic food ... and he's very successful at it. He's also a very hard man.

However, if you're lucky enough to count Mr. Fish as a friend then there is another side to him. He is fiercely loyal to his friends. He can be a very funny man and has kept me in stitches for many a day. In a tight spot, I can think of few people I would feel safer knowing were watching my back than Mark. And he is generous to a fault. In fact, last year, when I was particularly low on the readies, it was Mark who, without hesitation, dipped his hand into his pocket and paid for me to fly to Cannes with him, Dave and a whole bunch of our friends.

Mark in Egypt. Police are now believed to be looking
into allegations that he stole one of those pyramids!

But Mark has a problem. He is a very close friend and confident of Dave Courtney OBE. Mark never sees it as a problem. I can quote him as saying that he would put everything on the line for his mate Dave. But last year this friendship got him raided by the police. They turned up at his house one chilly February morning with warrants to search his house and business premises for counterfeit money printing equipment, which came as quite a surprise to Mark as he wasn't involved in the funny money lark. During the course of the raids he was told by one of the officers that it was down to "the company he was keeping" and the type of "friends that he has". Needless to say, they found diddly. Later he was tipped of by a friendly copper that it was because of his association with Dave. Mark's solicitor is now pursuing this with the police, as you can read on the following pages:

4th February 2003 - The Warrants to search.
6th February 2003 - Mark's solicitor asks the police some very awkward questions.
18th February 2003 - The police ignore the questions.
5th March 2003 - Mark's solicitor points out that the police ignored the questions.
12th March 2003 - More of the same from the police.
20th March 2003 - Mark's solicitor starts formal proceedings against the police.
8th April 2003 - the police's solicitor replies.
10th June 2003 - Mark's solicitor writes to Mark about the matter.

But it doesn't stop there. Towards the end of last year Mark applied to visit his friend Charlie Bronson (now known as Ali Ahmed) in prison. His application was rejected without any reason being given, the letter being signed by someone called Bentley of the Prison Intelligence (?!?!?!?!) Unit. I've put the letter up HERE for you to see. Again, he has now been informally informed by the friendly filth that it was because he is good friends with Dave.

Now, none of this comes as any surprise to those of us who are close to Dave. Most of you will remember how Brendan was thrown into a maximum security prison for allegedly spitting at a traffic warden. Many of Dave's good friends and business colleagues are harassed and treated in this way by the "authorities". There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the funny handshake brigade are out to prevent Dave from making it as a bona fide celebrity. There's the major book chain who's head office won't allow him to do any public book signings in their high street shops (although all of the signings I have attended at other book sellers have been excellent events); there's the major hotel chain who cancelled his "Audience with" last year at very short notice; then there are all the clubs that are leaned on by the police when a DC show is coming up (I have heard directly from owners who say that the police have warned them of "trouble", even though I have never smelled even a whiff of trouble at any of the many shows I have attended - well, apart from the ridiculous and pathetic circus put on by Gaffer outside one of Dave's events in Essex last year); there's the ongoing problem with getting Dave's film released (even though a renowned film critic has dubbed it a "cult classic"); the problem with the release of his CD single; the car "accident" that almost killed him in 2002; the New York police who got a respected clothes shop in NY to take down Dave's posters after receiving a tip off from their British counterparts that it was tantamount to advertising the Mafia; the total lack of mention of Dave's name in any of the national newspaper articles about the Steve McPhadden/Angela Bostock affair, even though it was inextricably linked and would have made the stories far more "juicy"; now the alleged offer of money to Jen for a successful prosecution of Dave for ABH - and that now seems so unlikely to succeed that she's trying to play a Joker by asking to give video link testimony because she is so "frightened". I personally saw the terrible wounds inflicted on Dave (his forearms and shins were shredded) in the "altercation" with Jen and read about the superficial nature of her injuries and I know which one of the two scares the shit out of me (and it ain't Dave). I could go on and on with a lot more examples but I think you get the picture by now!



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