Hi Mal

Its me Diva Dolly!! Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know what a successful night we had
@ South Parade Pier, Portsmouth in aid of the “Lifeline for Lorren” Charity Night.
We Raised about £3,000 on the night. Still collecting though so will let you now final figure later.
Of course the show was hosted by yours truly, also my good friend Simon Keen came along to do a spot.
He was brill! and funny as fuck!
Then of course there was Dave. Well what can I say!!! This was a mixed audience with a lot of people in attendance who would not usually be at a Dave gig!
A couple of old dears fell off their stalls at the “C” word!! But they soon got into the swing of things as Dave won them over with his usual charm!

I was carried on stage by three hunky, gorgeous firemen (I love a man in uniform) (well actually I love a man in anything! But preferably me!!!!) One of whom had me in stitches back stage. As I was laid in their arms waiting for the curtain to go up one fireman whispered to me “I’ve got your tit in my hand” I said “That’s okay cos I’ll have your bollox in mine in a minute!” Needless to say to opening number was a blast!!!

The evening was well attended by the Pompey firemen due to Lorrens dad (Stuart) being one. It was great to see Stuart there as he was actually allowed out of hospital for the night. (he was recently in a near fatal accident). A big thank you goes out to Tina (Lorrens mum) who organized gifts for us all. I had a bouquet the size of a small country! and for both Dave and Simon she had an engraved tankard and a nice bottle of Glenfiddich to go with.

Dave was wonderful and did his “auction” which helped us to raise another £1,100! The winning bids were won by Chris Hargreaves and Jamie Craven. (Good Luck Fellas!)

Then of course in attendance there was all the Pompey Crew: Reno & Hayley from Body Images Tattoo Studio (Reno was a great help in drumming up support) Kev Courtney, Bruno, Chris Mann (AKA Flatliner) Pitbull, Stuart Best, John Seal, Mark Edwards, Joey Edwards, Dinks Edwards, Shrek, Liz Blyth, J. D., Julie Wilson, Karen Wilson, Kirsty Wilson, Simon, Colin, Bert, Martin & Dulcie Headley and Vicky & Jade Maynard, phew! to name but a few!

I would just like to thank everyone who came along and helped to make this night the success it was.
Love and lust to you all and may you have many multiple organisms!!! Stay Sexy! Dolly xxxxxxx


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