WOW! What a night. The Circus Tavern in Purfleet holds well over a thousand people and on the evening of the 9th November it was bursting at the seams with likely looking geezers and gorgeous women. They were all there to meet Dave and watch the Essex Premiere of his film Hell To Pay.

I arrived at five with Donna and Ria and immediately got roped into setting up the equipment to show the film. Oh, I did have fun trying to work out why the fucking machine was only showing things back-to-front. I got there in the end but, knowing that over a thousand people were going to be sitting there with baited breath when the film was announced, I kept going back to it just to check that it was still working properly.

Dave arrived shortly after and the guests started to congregate. Almost the first to arrive were my very good friends, The Outlaws MC (East London), accompanied by some guests from the Florida branch and followed by the Essex Chapter. A film crew were there to start shooting Dave's next film "Get Courtney" and I believe Sky and some other TV crews were there to capture some of the atmosphere.

Mark Fish (right) with Tony Lambrianou (centre) and Telboy (left).
Mark was just taking time out from filming (Dave's new film Get Courtney)
and pouring champagne down the necks of some delicious looking
Stringfellow's babes - and that's why he's looking so pleased with himself.
He was later seen leaving with two lovely looking leggy ladies. Way to go Mark!

Bev Cocks, Dave and Dean Cocks

There were more celebs there than I could wave a stick at, but top of MY list had to be Falklands war veteran Simon Weston. What a nice, unassuming man he is and Dave gave him big respect when he was doing his Audience With later on in the evening. Joey Pyle Jnr, Tony Lambrianou, and Bobby George were there to name but a few. There's talk of Dave and Bobby starring in a film together - more on that when I have the details. Then there were the superstars from the porn world: Bev and Dean Cocks, , Magda Pollak, Filthy Shaz, Autumn and Phil McCavity . But back to now. I was having a chat with Caesar the Geezah, who said he'd heard about my heart attack and that he'd had a stroke at about the same time. We compared hospital notes, but he had spent a lot more time in than I had (about a month he said). I'm pleased to report that he appears to be the embodiment of health again, and somewhat slimmer looking.

Bev Cocks and Dave Taz and Bev
Jacket looking well 'ard with Bev A very lucky Seymore and Bev

(thanks for the photos Dean Cocks)

Well, the evening kicked off with Adrian Doughty, of the Oddballs, introducing proceedings and then went into the film. I pressed "Play". The film started. PHEW! It's a very funny film in a lot of places and the audience periodically laughed their collective socks off - in all the right places I'm pleased to say. At the end it received a cheering, standing ovation, so the audience must have thought it was good. Everyone I spoke to afterwards (and I spoke to a lorra lorra people) said it was a winner and asked when could they buy a copy on DVD?

After the film Dave came on wearing a stunning new white suit to deliver another one of his superb Audiences With and conducted a very successful auction which raised a considerable amount of money for his favourite charity, Misunderstood.

Unfortunately, it now seems that not all the money was handed in for items bought, although the items were claimed and taken away. So, if you were one of the people who bought items from Dave at the auction but didn't cough up then please email me at

 Then Dave invited all his friends to take the stage with him so he could say thank you to them all. Well, as more and more people got onto the stage I could feel it rocking. In the end there must have been a couple of hundred of us up there. Quite a few people were taking photos and, if you're one of those people, I'd love to put some of the pics up on the site. So please email me your photos at

Dave and some of his friends on stage.
A very big THANK YOU to our friend Paul Murphy for the photo

After the show Dave spent the rest of the night circulating, chatting with his friends and fans. There was only one fly in the ointment: Gaffer. Gaffer arrived outside the venue (he didn't come in. I wonder why?) and unfurled a large banner which was less than complimentary to Dave. Well, Dave went across to Gaffer and caught him a very nice one. At this point Gaffer seemed to lose it but could do no more than scream obscenities at Dave as Dave calmly walked back to the Tavern. The Outlaws went over and had a quiet word in Gaffer's shell-like and he left, so I can only assume that they must have asked him very politely to vacate the area :-)

The Guardian
Thursday November 13, 2003
To Another Gangland Spat.
Matthew Norman

John "Gaffer" Rollinson, the Essex hard man Mr Tony rang at home on receipt of his pro-war epistle, calls in response to a Daily Mail item about Saturday's screening of Dodgy Dave Courtney's film noire instant classic Hell to Pay at the Circus Tavern, Purfleet.

"As guests arrived in black tie, rival celebrity gangster The Gaffer... erected a sign denouncing Courtney as a 'wothless [sic] piece of shit'," reports the Mail, "...and even threw copies of his memoir, Gaffer, at the bemused crowd." Blimey. "What happened was," corrects Gaffer, "I erected a stall out there with my books. Courtney came out and hit me full in the face with a knuckleduster. And I'm a thug, not a villain." And after repeating this trenchant piece of self-analysis several times, he is gone.

I spent a large part of the night entertaining Dave's Mum. Well, she entertained me actually with stories of Dave when he were a lad. One very funny lady and I could tell you some of the stories, but then I'd have to kill yuh. Well, maybe one day ....

After the show a large body of people went off to the Outlaws Clubhouse, including Dave's Mum and in the wee hours of the morning about a hundred ended up at Dave's house for a "small" celebration.



Just received the following from Staffy at The Norfolk Connection. Staffy included some photo's (which I think must have been taken on one of these new phones) so I've included them for your education :

Greeting us on the door were friends Seymore, Brendan & quite a lot of others in Doorman mode. Great to see all on the night. Bobby George was there - nice chap only too willing to chat - and Steve Marcus (Nick the Greek), Tony Lambrianou, Joe Pyle (jnr) and Stilks and so many more. Dave in his smart white suit living and giving it Large. Fantastic showing in all ranks. The film went down really well with so many people.

Dave on stage gave us some more of his personal insight with the tracking devices and captivated the audience with his personal stand up. It was nice that he was making the trip round to greet everyone that he could do, but, as many people will tell you, it was packed so it was like seeing the"road runner" ... lol. But he managed it well. Giving respect up to all that made the night and others who are not so fortunate to. 

Well the enjoyment was there 100% ... well actually 200%. Just dont forget Jacket! Well hardly - he knicked me ciggy's. OK, I own up - actually I kept offering them out ... lol.

It was an entertaining night to see Dave on stage with Nick The Greek and only if I could have got in closer I would have more pics but like i say it was a packed night!

Thanks for a great night, and once again ONE that we will always remember!


Frank and Staffy Staffy and Tony L. Nick the Greek

Just received the following from Karl Bruen . Karl also included some photo's :

Hi Mal,
Just a quick note to say that I was there on the 9th November with a mate and my dad and we all had a fucking brilliant time!

The film was very good and Dave was very friendly! I got my books signed by Dave and we had some photo's taken with various celebs, who were more than happy to oblige! Especially the table with Bev cocks and the rest of the porn stars such as Magda Polak! Also we met Nick the Greek, Tony Lambrianou, Bobby George, Dave and of course it was an honour to shake Simon Weston's hand.

Like I say it was a top night and thoroughly enjoyed by all! Thanks!

Here are a few pics I have scanned in.

Karl Bruen

Karl and the porn stars Karl and Simon Weston OBE
Karl and Nick the Greek Karl and Tony L.


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