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  Dave gives an interview to "View London" by Eoin Sanders - 5th January 2003
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Dave Courtney Interview


Now a best-selling author (with a new book out called The Ride's Back On), sometime actor, and star of his own documentary we caught up with him in hospital where he's recovering from a serious car crash.

Ok, I suppose the easiest place to start would be to ask what happened?

I've broken my pelvis at the back, smashed it at the front. I've had bits of metal put in me, I've had two vertebrae broken off my spine, I broke my coccyx, my ankle, six ribs, punctured my lungs, fractured my skull, ruptured my spleen and ruptured my kidneys - apart from that I feel fine…oh, and I've got a verucca.


So do you reckon you're more of a thorn in their side now you've gone legit?

They've actually said this to me. I am now 500 times more of a thorn in their side than I ever was when I was active. I take that as the biggest compliment and intend to use freedom of speech to exploit the faults in the police force. I'm not a policeman hater. I'm not a stupid fucking idiot. I do know that 75% or 60% of the police force are incorrupt.

I've had ten not guiltys - how upset are they? The last time I went to court the copper went to prison and I beat him up in court. You understand what I'm saying? I'm not saying they're horrible, I'm saying they're the same as anyone else in the world. I've bloodied their nose on numerous occasions and I'm not fucking stupid enough to think that they're going to go "ah well, doesn't matter, Dave you really got us that time."


Now Virgin are cracking away with my books and I've got two or three books to come out. I've got one coming out called Hell To Make, a book about making the film and I've got the novel Hell To Pay that's the film as a novel.


I haven't transformed myself! I haven't. I was exactly the same person as you're speaking to now when I was active. In the daytime I would have done something else that's all. I never said I was a paid killer.

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