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  Dave Courtney article carried in la Republica (Italy - date unknown)
  Don't you just LOVE online translators - PART 2?

I've included this article just for a laugh. I found it on the internet in Italian and used an online translator to render it into English. The final product just cracks me up - Mal

The present time > 

I and gangster

David Courtney was one of the king of the London gangsterism. It has accepted to tell itself in a book, it has a situated one web, it will make a film with Tarantino. A journalist of D has gone to find it in its castle. Where a child of three years nozzle projects them, on the table there is a gun and it threatens "from here does not exit lives". History of that it has left the turn, but of that world has conserved all the spirit of Mara Accettura

But that cabbage is... ", the taxi driver exclaims strabuzzando the eyes. Already, than cabbage it is this villa white woman with walls them of town-walls merlate and, on the patio, a gigantic one walls them with a medieval knight and its woman on a rampante destriero and the sword conficcata in one cliff? And above all, as we are understood you to the Castle of Camelot, the buen retiro of famous gangster a London one, in the East End of the city, to the hour in which we are in kind in front of cancels of the school? David "Dodgy" Courtney, "arrogant bastard, been born the 27-2-59, never died", as it recites the registration on the lapide in front of the house door, is one of the criminal protagonists of the book The Firm di Jocelyn Bain Hogg (Westzone editions), the fotoreporter that armed with Leica it has explored for two years the underworld of United Kingdom. The gangster they are a fashionable subject - they demonstrate to the slaughters (champions of proceeds) of films of Quentin Tarantino and Guy Ritchie - but the job of Bain Hogg discovers the other face of crime: "It is a documentary on their daily life that is not a lot glamorous. The encounter to the pub, the relationship with the colleagues, "the chaps", as they are called between of they and the women. Not there is need to photograph their crimes: enough to watch them in face in order to understand that they are violent and dangerous ". It is with this last phrase that hammers in the orecchie that I knock to the door of Courtney. With my surprise, ago capolino the blond head and riccioluta of a child of three years, completely knot, than invites to me to follow it through a corridor. I do not know if its restless vulnerability me or reassures to me. When I take it for hand, I notice that it is giocherellando with a iron fist. Dave Courtney, the unmistakable rasata head, is seated in fascist and mutande, with cellular to the orecchie and one gun on the table. The walls of its stay are adorn to you from biographies of Napoleone, Churchill, Richard Branson, more knives and scimitarre than all the shapes and lengths. The head turns me. Excuse: he, the gangster that an Italian in mutande receives. "it does not import. That strange this house ", comment. "and that what says of me", it asks, marking every movement with the look. "Perhaps a po' egocentrico", I suggest. "Egocentrico... uhm... appeals to this word to me. I must watch it on the dictionary. If it is not pretty you do not exit here alive ". It bursts to laugh but there is a lightning bolt luciferino in the eyes. We play the paper of the flattery. We have felt that it is turning a film. It is true? I ask while I am based without to remove the jacket. "Yes, I have met Quentin Tarantino to New York three times", answers spreading itself "has read to mine two books: Stop the laughs, the want to get off, on my life from gangster, and Raving Lunacy, on my contribution to the scene rave: they have been the first one to import acids and rave parties to London. Quentin wants to make a film and I want to interpret same me. In order to convince I am turning it a cortometraggio that will go to the festival of Cannes. I have not never said of being Bravo actor but I know to make a Dave fottutamente good Courtney... Ah, ah, ah ". From the darknesses of the gangsterism to the lights of the stage? Yes sure. Dave Courtney asserts is withdrawn from the world of the crime like if he were a tired surgeon to operate or a lawyer who not test more the brivido of the slab. Its curriculum lists to accusations of murder, tried murder, contraband, violence, robs armed. The greater part of the times has been scagionato and, in all, if it it is cavata with four years and means of prison. Today it promotes encounter of boxe, raves, trains nightclub, but above all he is a public personage who rilascia interviews to the tv, writes books, has a situated one web (, also is invited to speak in front of Oxford Union on the topic "the satisfied or not satisfied crime". To he the personage of Vinnie Jones in Lock has inspired itself, Stock and Two Smocking Barrels. A crazy one, or, as we discussed with Bain Hogg, the product of one society desensibilizzata with a terrible appetite for whichever type of celebrity? A boy magrolino and with the brufoli me door a coffee from the kitchen (nothing sugar, thanks. He will be drugged), the child is based on the ginocchia of the father. It says that she is born herself catti to you. She is just therefore? "Yes, the things are in the geniuses. My mother and my father are two best persons. They have sent to me to school and helped to make the tasks, my uniform was always in order. But I am been born bad. I have understood from when I have made "ueeč" for before the time. It is like one drug. For years I have lived constantly under pressure. The danger and the sense of challenge have pulled outside of me things that I did not know of possession. If a six criminal you want the best of all, the newer things, beautifulr than whichever other ". Then he indicates the gun. "It is a giocattolo. Hill you do not arm on the table from lunch ". We do not dare to control. In its case, the satisfied crime... "Yes. But not to ask it someone condemned to be in "guardaroba" for next the ten years. The satisfied crime until that it is not come taken. And to the end it is come taken ". The Firm, the company. It exists indeed? "Not. It belongs to an other was. Today the crime is in hand to several bands, ognuna with its code. The gangster they are history like the pirati ones, cowboy and the knights of the round Table. I know, are one of they ". But what made exactly? "I employed thousand men between England and Ireland in order protect nightclub and brothels, to escort diamonds, to collect debits. I have made also from security the funerals of the Kray siblings (malavito of the East End, ndr) the past year. They are appeared with mine two hundred men. The policemen did not believe to their eyes ". Door to see the cortometraggio to me that it is turning with its friends: inseguimenti, spillings of blood, blot some incenerite and a cast accessoriato of coats, dresses and glance at them to the last fashion. Com' is changed the world of the crime? "Much time makes enters to you in a full room of criminals and finds the scassinatore to you, the robber, the dirottatore. Now it enters in the same room and it finds only drug traffickers. The gain is highest, but it is a world that has lost the sense of the honor, the respect, the loyalty, a code that would have to belong to the series To of the crime. It is for that I have stopped. I do not want to be associated the world of the drug. In more television cameras, microphones, programs tv that they make the brainwashing: "If you have seen this man telephone calls and we give you of the moneies". We are becomes to you one nation of informers ". In a Courtney photo it appears dressed from jolly to the income of the court. "the police has insinuated that I was an informer, peggior the crime between the gangster, in order makes me to kill. The contrary was true: I have had a policeman to my services for 15 years, enough to control its account in bank after every encounter. They are dressed therefore in order to say to me: this process is one farce. Now I receive threats. They are in two to wanting to me dead: the police because they have become scomodo, too much popular, and the gangsterism because they fear that she betrays ". The eye falls to me on a painting to oil on the fireplace, encircled from stretches some of red velvet. The subject is naturally he, on a throne with the iron fist. Why this arm? "You must be prepared makes the years you of prison to second of the arm that you have. If you had a gun I would talk nonsense. They are good with the hands but with the iron fists they are imbattibile ". The child me has launch one what leans. One monetina? A button? Frugo between the folds of the pullover. Bullet is one. The hill close to a heater. Cos' is the violence for she? "It would have to be the last resource, but some time is necessary. You know as they call to me? The yellow pages of the crime. There is the 113, and then there is Dave Courtney, of turn 24 hours on 24. In past I have put in line that part of the population that the police found difficult to deal ". But it has killed more than once, she would rifare it? "If you found again to me in the same situation I would talk nonsense faster. Clearly? Because that one had talked nonsense to a friend, that it is died between my arms. I would have had to ask to me if I were making something against the law? Not, I sleep peacefully and my moglie loves to me to die. I have watched in face and I have thought: one of we two will not sweep its moglie stanotte. On newspapers the day after I was Dave the assassin. Me frega I do not haul any ". Squilla cellular and the Courtney disappear for some minute. It passes a giamaicano with dreadlocks longest and inanellate hands that, without to say a word, cane puts me in hand one. They are the seven and mine they telephone squilla. It is the interlocutoria call of my husband. Sbellica Courtney from the risate ones urlando: "It is alive! It is still alive!". Then galantemente it calls also the taxi. It has of the regretted ones? "Yes, not to have studied. I have wasted the four years of advanced school. If I had to become a criminal a lot it was worth studying and becoming an intelligent criminal. Largest they do not make errors. They are those of which you will not never feel to speak ".

The photographer who has followed it for two years: "Many times I have had fear" Jocelyn Bain Hogg, 38 years, is been born to London. It is a fotoreporter and its work have been publishes to you from The Face, Vanity Fair, Sunday Times and Elle. In last the two years it has followed the gangsterism in United Kingdom. From this experience the book The Firm is been born. Why this people make themselves to photograph? "People as Courtney promotes its image and in many have been attracted from the idea of being famous. Bizzarro, not " It has never had fear? "they have been moments not particularly pleasant". As an example? "To Tenerife, when Mickey was in escape. It is "gattino" but I cannot say it of its friends ". In escape from who? "These subjects always escape from something: the mogli, the taxes, other bands... " Mickey is one of the more frightful figures of the book. In a photo it seems a rottweiler... "it had taken the Venom, a drug that is given to the dogs in order to render them aggressive. That one is one photo after an encounter of boxe ". And that one in which threat the companion with a machine gunner? "he was playing. It said: "stopped Mickey, stopped" and she laughed. When to fine he hail of blows has let go the mitra has left one on the pavement. But also Maria is one woman who ago fear. To a sure point she has declared that if same with he would not be forced to work and to pay the rent. Tenerife then is a world to part, Mickey was felt like a water fish fuor. In truth she is a sweet person, has astonished to me ". Cake? "there is a dichotomy in the life of these men, between what they make in order living and the loyalty in the comparisons of their friends. In a history as this must decrease itself without prejudgments, it must tell it honestly, from journalist ". You have maintained of the relationships? "Yes, with Bernie. It is not been born bad. He was a miner of Wales that, with the closing of the mines, has been found without warning without job. They have been often to house its to discuss about politics ".


This page last updated 16th February 2003