This page last updated 5th January 2003
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This is an image rich page that may take a minute or so to download.

This page is a photographic record made by Phil of
Creative Innovations, showing how they made the cast for the Dave Courtney Fist which they sell on The Shop on this site.

"I would just love to cover your hand in rubber, Dave."

"I am NOT putting my hand in THAT! It's like Baron Frankenstein's fucking laboratory in here."

"OK! OK! I'll do it, mate!"

"Hmmm, it IS a nice colour though. Sort of matches my eyes."

"Phil says it'll set off in a few hours. Don't worry though. When I get my hand out of this gunk I'm gonna fucking kill 'im."

"I'm right fucking stuck now!"

"Yeeeees! And it really didn't hurt ..... honest!"

Ta-da! The finished article.

This page last updated 14th January 2003