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  Champion Ish gets a kick out of films - Kent Messenger March 9, 2001
  Kickboxing champ Itse Ayonmike is verging on being as big a hit out of the ring as he is in it.

The newly crowned Brtitish middleweight kickboxing champion, who lives in Maidstone, hopes future opponents will be seeing stars way before they come into contact with his flailing fists.

The 27 year old aspiring actor, known as Ish, took the vacant British middleweight crown two weeks ago and hopes his all action displays will catapult him onto the big screen.

It may not be too long a wait, however, before Mr Ayonmike, who works as a bouncer in Tunbridge Wells, gets his shot at stardom.

The kickboxing champion has just finished filming a gangster movie, which premieres at the Cannes Film Festival later this year.

Called Hell To Pay, the film stars notorious gangland hardman Dave Courtney and other well known faces including page three model Jo Guest, musician Goldie, boxer Julius Francis and Sun columnist Garry Bushell.

Mr Ayonmike (pronounced Iron-mike), of Pope Street, Maidstone, said "The film is in the same style as Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels but itŐs not comedy, itŐs serious stuff. A lot of people get shot.

"I actually gt contracted for the film because of my reputation as a kickboxer and have a speaking role as a bodyguard."

Mr Ayonmike, who also starred in the Kentish Players production of Fame at the Chatham Central Theatre, added: "Apart from kickboxing the part in Fame was one of the biggest things I have done and it was absolutely enjoyable."